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I Believe Her

Hey kids,

I have three stories for you today.  I have changed all of the names.  Please do not ask me for any real names or further details as I will not provide them.


It was a cold, snowy night and Pam was heading back to her dorm.  It was an unusually quiet night on campus.  Too cold for most kids to be out I guess.  She heard some sounds, but ignored them as she walked a little faster.  Without warning she was knocked over and attacked.  Someone was attacking her and she screamed.  While Pam was a rather petite woman, she was spunky and put up a fight.  She punched, she hit and she hurt him.  She got away.  She left her books on the ground and ran, terrified that he was chasing her.   She returned to her dorm safely.  Campus police were contacted and they filed a report.  Her books were found just where she had left them.  As she could not identify her attacker, there was little campus police could do.

The next morning the news of the attack began to spread like a virus.  I was sitting at breakfast with a group of guys from my dorm and they were laughing and joking.  They said things like “who would attack someone as ugly as Pam?” and they laughed harder.  Instead of sympathy, empathy or compassion, Pam received ridicule.  The RA in my dorm put up a sign up sheet asking for any guys willing to be there for any girls that wanted an escort after dark back to their dorms.  Only a few of us signed up.  I’m sure the sight of me, a six foot tall dork that weighed, at best, 150 lbs., was not the least bit intimidating to any would be attacker, but I signed up anyway.  It should be noted that each and every African-American student in my dorm signed up to help, while most of the privileged white kids chose to stay inside where it was warm.

Did Pam deserve what she had to put up with?  Absolutely not.


Connie was 17 and she made a really poor choice, but that does not excuse what she endured.  There was no reason a 17 year old girl should have been drinking alcohol at all, let alone at a college party.  I rarely attended parties in college, mostly because I hated them, but I was there for reasons I cannot recall.  I was bored and was sitting on a couch “enjoying” some New Coke and wondering who the hell had such a stupid idea in the first place.  Connie, along with several other high school girls were there and it was awkward.  I was speaking with one of Connie’s friends for a while and she was telling me how she wanted to be a nurse.  I hope she succeeded.  Still, I had to wonder what was going on that made 16 and 17 year old girls this desperate to consume alcohol.  Connie got to the completely loaded point and looked like she was going to throw up.  She flopped on the couch next to me and if I had to do it all over again, I would have picked her up and taken her home or, at the very least, gotten her out of there.  Instead, I just sat there like a lump.  Eventually I got up to get something to eat.  When I returned, Connie had disappeared.   I thought nothing of it.  Not long after that, a guy named Ralph appeared and was getting high fives and applause from the alleged guys.  In Ralph’s words he said “I banged the shit out of her”.  I quietly excused myself and went back to my dorm.  I felt like shit.

I saw Connie.  I was sitting next to Connie.  Connie could not have given her consent for Ralph to take her shoes off, let alone do what he did.  Ralph raped that girl and he got cheered for it.  And Connie?  I saw her once again in passing, but never again on campus.  To my knowledge Ralph never paid the price for what he did to her and wherever Connie is today I hope she is doing well.  I hope Ralph is lying in a gutter somewhere eating shit each morning for breakfast.


I had a huge crush on Hannah.  I finally had the nerve to ask her out and to my surprise she said yes.  I got myself dressed up fairly nicely, which was not typical for me, and I went to her home to pick her up.  As was the tradition at the time, she was not ready yet so I received the third degree from her father.  Turns out that he and I had a lot in common and we had a nice talk.  He told me that he thought it was great that I actually came to the door instead of just honking the horn and waiting in the car.  I chuckled because of course I would do that.  I mean, who wouldn’t?

Hannah came out and she looked beautiful.  I could not believe I was getting this opportunity.  We left the house, I opened the car door and we went to dinner.  We had a nice time, but I could tell there was no spark.  She had no interest in me whatsoever.  (This story had a way of playing itself out over and over again)  We went to the movies and I could not decide if I should put my arm around her, so I tried to hold hands.  She was not interested.  We went out for ice cream afterwards and talked some more.  Again, there was nothing there.  As much as I liked this young woman, there was never going to be anything between us and I knew it.

I took her home and walked her to her front door.  With the slightest bit of hope I asked if we could see each other again.  She said that she had a nice time, but was not really interested in a relationship with me.  I said okay, wished her well and said goodnight.  I did not even get a kiss goodnight.

Why do I tell you this story?  Well, because I was 17 and I did not force myself on her or any other woman for that matter.  I did not just start kissing her.  I did not move on her like a bitch.  I did not grab her vagina.  And you know why?  Because I understood something called respect and self control.  So when I see a bunch of republicans telling the country that all boys at 16 or 17 do that, I know they are lying.  When I hear an alleged Christian telling me it’s okay that a man almost raped a woman, because he didn’t finish I am beyond disgusted.  And when I see people I know belittle and degrade women who have damaged by men who just do whatever the fuck they want, well, I have no use for you.

We have a serious problem in this country right now that goes beyond the foul stench from the White House.  We cannot accept sexual harassment of any kind and we cannot have these monsters in control any longer.  One moron said that if we judged every man by what he did to women in his teens then no man would be qualified for the Supreme Court.  Okay, well, I would be eligible, but better yet let’s have an all female court.


And now, once final note for the fuckwad that embarrases our nation not only on a daily basis, but at least once an hour.  I know who you really are.



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Sir Griffin Looks at the Fall TV Schedule: CBS


Hey kids,

Today will be Sir Griffin’s final day with us, but not to worry as he has left me a list of some shows he would like to recommend to you on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, etc.  Plus a few tidbits on returning programs.  As always, he is very excited about the return of another season of Survivor.

Friends, I am a little down today.  I had a bit of a rough night last night, but I spoke with an old friend this morning and her words of encouragement helped me out immensely.  Still, I am not fully back to my full self so please bear with me for today as I give free rein to Sir Griffin.  He can swear as much as he’d like and can insult anyone and everyone.  So let’s get right to it.  Ladies and gentlemen, Sir Griffin Stromboli.

(Applause like you have never heard before)

I am sorry old friend, I know that someone hurt you yesterday and that is not right.  When we were children we were told by our teachers, guidance counselors and parents (well, not my parents, but you get the idea) that we could do anything when we grew up if we just worked hard.  That’s a lie.  We cannot do anything alone.  We need others to help us along the way.  To encourage us and support us.  You need someone to give you a chance.  You need to someone to say to you “hey, we want to take a chance on you so please come work with us”.  You can be the best at whatever you do, but if you are unable to catch that break, then you’re out of luck.  Rah, rah America.

And it’s not just that.  He had recommended I give Buy me a Coffee a try to get some funds for my business.  He did and in about a month or so had already raised over $500.00.  I opened mine up and in a month I have raised $0.00.  A guidance counselor in school once told me I was born with a black cloud over my head.  I have a feeling she was correct.

Okay, I get it and I am sorry.  Let’s put your Buy me a Coffee link here and perhaps someone will help.Buy me a coffeeBuy me a coffee

Sure, one last story that I need to let go.  Back in 2014 I asked someone to help me start my business.  Someone with a lot of capital.  He/she said yes, they would help and was going to to get back to me with the details in a few days.  A few days later I contacted him/her and he/she said not to worry, I was going to get the help I needed.  About a week to 10 days later I was told he/she changed his/her mind.  Too risky for a millionaire.  I was devastated.  About eight months later I was able to take out a small business loan for $15K, of which I have paid half back.  I’m a credit risk?  Money and I have never been particularly close friends.   

Thanks for sharing and completely and utterly depressing us all.

Today we look at CBS which has several new offerings.  I am gong to keep this fairly short today as my thunder buddy stole my thunder.  In addition to the new shows a revival of Murphy Brown will be back on the air and none too soon as far as I am concerned.  Like Will & Grace, it was a brilliant show that was taken off the air way too soon.  Okay, it was one for like 10 years or something, but it was bloody brilliant and I am thrilled it’s coming back to us.  It appears that most of the original cast is returning.  (Two of them, Robert Pastorelli and Pat Corley, have died)  Charles Kimbrough will be back for what appears to be a three episode arc.  The man is 82 for crying out loud.  Our first new show then is


God Friended Me – I have to say that I already follow God on Twitter and he/she is absolutely fascinating.  I follow his/her kid too.  Here is a sample tweet from god:

So it goes without saying that it is entirely possible for the almighty to have a Facebook or an Arsebook account too.  That said, do I really want to watch this?  Seriously, we have had so many of these divine shows over the years and not one of them featured Divine.  Yes, Divine died a long time ago, but that never stopped Bernie or that old guy on the Weather Channel that died in 1992 and they kept him on the air until 2004 because they forgot to tell him.  You can guess what the show is about.  God friends a guy, guy saves people.  Miracles!  Smokey Robinson and the…Yes, Miracles!  Okay, I am getting silly.  I’m not watching this.  Chances of me watching?  What did I just say? (Premieres September 30th)


The Neighborhood – Cedric the Entertainer (See how that works? Cedric is entertaining, thus the name fits him well) stars as a guy that has the worst neighbors move in next to him; white people.  And not just any white people, really nice white people that are, quite frankly, annoying as hell.  Cedric doesn’t like them at all and neither did I.  If this show were about Cedric and his family I think it would be funny, but with Max Greenfield?  Um, no.  I will say that Beth Behrs is in it as well and astute readers know that I adore her and think she has sexy legs, but is that enough to make me watch?  It feels like a one joke show and I heard the joke in the preview.  Chances of me watching?  Actually about 20% or 10% per leg.  (Premieres October 1st)


Happy Together – Imagine me and you, I do I think about you day and night It’s only right To think about the girl you love And hold her tight So happy together…What?  This is not a song about 60’s pop band The Turtles?  Damn it!  This is an incredibly unfunny, on-joke show about a wealthy pop star that is not The Turtles.  No, his name is Cooper James and he moves in with his accountant and his wife or something along those lines.  Damon Wayans, Jr. was great on a fantastic show called Happy Endings (two happy shows for one guy?) that was canceled way too soon.  Unfortunately the reason he was so good on that show was because it was an ensemble.  This Happy show is not and he is out front and doing his thing.  A little Damon Wayans, Jr. goes a long way and it’s way too much.  Plus, it’s stupid.  What wealthy pop star is going to move in with his accountant?  Ridiculous.  Chances of me watching?  Seriously about 5% because I absolutely adore Amber Stevens West.  (Premieres October 1st)


Magnum P.I. – This is obviously a remake of the show with the same name that ran from 1980 – 1988.  Do you know that I have seen exactly one episode of the original show all the way through?  I have seen bits and pieces of episodes, but only once in my life did I sit and watch one entire episode and that’s because I was sick in bed and most TV’s did not have remotes back then.  Mine was one that did not.   Anyway if you were around in the 80’s you know this is the story of a urologist that solves crime in Hawaii.  What?  Sorry?  My apologies, I was thinking of a similar show called Magnum P.   No, this is about a private investigator living in Hawaii and I am guessing still in the home of the unseen Robin Masters, though I really do not know.  It co-stars another Happy Endings alum, Zachary Knighton, which really does not mean a thing other than I miss that show.  Anyway this was not the kind of thing I would have watched in the 80’s, but I am old now and it is required viewing.  Chances of me watching?  I’m old and I love Hawaii!  (Premieres September 24th)


FBI – If I seriously have to tell you what this show is about, then you have more problems than I can deal with right now.  It looks pretty good and was created by Dick Wolf, who was the guy behind the Law & Order franchise.  I liked Missy Peregrym on Reaper back in the day, so I will give the show a try.  Plus, I am old and it is required.  Chances of me watching?  95%. Okay, 100%.  (Premieres September 25th)

And that’s it kids.  I am flying back to merry old England in the morning.  We don’t burn perfectly good shoes there like you Americans.  Plus, this whole driving on the wrong side of the road drives me batty.

Thank you once again Sir Griffin.  Until next falls shows are ready to preview…



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Sir Griffin Looks at the Fall TV Schedule: Fox


Hey kids,

Well here we are towards the end of the preview with just two networks to go.  Sir Griffin has promised me two things today:

  1. He will be brief
  2. There will be no profanity as Brits do not swear on Thursdays

I cannot say that I trust in either of those promises, but I will let him have the floor yet again.  Take it away Sir Griffin.

Thank you Albert.  And I am just fine, thank you for asking.  I was thinking about how much you Americans love your Facebook.

Yes, it is quite the popular thing.  Don’t you Brits have it as well?

We do, however, we tend to utilize the much more popular Arsebook.


Yes, Arsebook.  It is the same basic concept, but much more private and much more secure.  You see, no faces are allowed.  The only profile photo allowed is a photo of your arse.

Uh, doesn’t that make it difficult to recognize anyone?

You’d be surprised.  Would you like to see mine?


Very well then, on with the show.  Fox has a mere two offerings this fall, both of which are comedies.  They have also resurrected a piece of garbage.  For some reason, some bonehead decided it would be a good idea to bring back one of the most unwatchable, unfunny, ridiculously stupid and borderline offensive shows on TV.  I speak of that crap pile known as Last Man Standing.  It was mercifully killed by ABC and off the air for a full year and for who knows what reason, some idiot with a finger up his butt decided, hey, we need a show that is awful and that appeals to the lowest common denominator of TV viewer.  Thus the return of the shit show.

Hey!  It’s Thursday!

I lied.  Moving on…

I’ll start with the one of the two shows that I have already seen.


Rel – This comedy stars comedian Lil Rel Howery, who may be best known as the TSA guy in Get Out, as a successful man living in Chicago trying to rebuild his life after a divorce.  His wife, now ex-wife, had an affair with is barber which left Rel not only without a wife, but sadly, without a barber as well.  The show also stars Sinbad (whom I know you met back in the 80’s, isn’t that correct, Walter?) as Rel’s father.

Yes, that is true.  My brush with greatness.  As I recall he kept calling me John.

The show also stars a beautiful woman named Jess Hilarious, which I found fascinating because she actually was hilarious!  I love it when someone gives themselves a nickname that actually is true.  I mean, is Larry the Cable Guy really a cable guy or just a completely unfunny and shitty comedian?

Again, I must warn you with peace & love, though you are doing better.

In any case I did find the show to be humorous and I liked the cast very much.  I mean, Lil Rel was my favorite character in Get Out so he should have his own show.  Still, I am a tad bit apprehensive of any comedy that fox shoves in with their crappy Sunday night cartoons.  Chances of me watching?  75% (Premiered September 9th)


The Cool Kids – From the people that brought you the tremendously unfunny It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, comes a show that kind of looks funny.  Set in a retirement community, this show brings the marvelous Vicki Lawrence back to TV.  Basically it’s the story of three old guys who are the big dogs in a retirement community.  Suddenly Vicki shows up and throws everyone off kilter.  Since I am an old person (and frankly, none of these cast member are really that old; Okay, maybe Martin Mull) I enjoy the old people humor.  I also love Vicki Lawrence and Leslie Jordan so having them together in a show is almost perfect.  Plus the idea of all of them getting into trouble and doing dumb things intrigues me.  I definitely want to give this a try and I desperately want this show to be good and damned funny.  Chances of me watching at least the first three episodes?  100%.  After that?  We shall see.  (Premieres September 28th)

Another great big thank you goes to Sir Griffin who seems to be headed off to the bathroom.  Geez, he wasn’t kidding about this “being old” thing.  We will finish tomorrow with a look at CBS.  Until then kids…


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Sir Griffin Looks at the Fall TV Schedule: ABC


Hey kids,

Before we begin I have to make note of something.  Several readers mentioned to me that neither I nor Sir Griffin made any commentary yesterday on the 9/11 anniversary.  This was intentional on my part.  While I understand the whole concept of never forget and such, it simply is one of the things I do not want to remember, but I will obviously never forget.  I do not want to see videos of the day ever again.  I do not want to read stories of victims or survivors ever again.  I don’t want to hear the last words of people before they were murdered ever again.  That is not what I want.  It is extremely important to remember that we all grieve in different ways and what is best for you, may not work for me.  I stayed away from social media yesterday.  I avoided live TV for the most part yesterday.  If it were possible to have certain memories removed from my brain, like in that horribly boring Jim Carrey movie, I would do it.  Again, we all grieve differently and I hope that you can respect that.

So imagine my surprise this morning when in my inbox was an item from an old friend of Sir Griffin, Trevor Noah.  I watched in horror as the story progressed about the big orange wanker with tiny hands and shit for brains seemingly celebrating 7/11 9/11 and how great he thinks he is.  Please watch and if anyone can explain to me how it is humanly possible to support this shitbag…well, you can’t.  He’s completely indefensible and you are (and I do not say this lightly as I have said it a thousand times) a fucking idiot if you do support this monster.  Please watch

Thank you for watching and if you support that wanker, well, may god have mercy on your soul.  And now, Sir Griffin Stromboli, watching his language, on the shows of ABC.


Thank you Steve and thank you Trevor.  I met Trevor many years ago in South Africa and I have to say that he is as nice in person as he is on the telly.  So, what is happening over at ABC?  Well, not much that is really positive I will tell you that.

First of all, I am not going to review The Conners.  While technically it is considered a spin off of Roseanne, it really is not a new show.  All they have done is gotten rid of the vile, disgusting pig known as Roseanne by killing her off and are now following the family without her.  Does anyone remember a show on NBC years ago called Valerie?  It first aired in 1986 and starred the wonderful Valerie Harper and after two seasons as the star of the show, she was fired after a contract dispute.  They killed off her character in a car accident, replaced her with Sandy Duncan, retitled the show as “Valerie’s Family”, later retitled it as “The Hogan Family” and still later retitled it as “Oh my gosh who the fuck is watching this shitty show”.

Um, Sir Griffin?  Please?

Sigh.  Sorry Marv.  It was a mess, but it was still the same damn show.  The Conners is still the same damn show, but without a racist in the lead role.  I didn’t watch it then and I am not going to watch it now.  So there!

Nor am I going to review The Alec Baldwin Show because it actually premiered this past March as Sundays with Alec Baldwin and because it’s just a talk show.  I do not want to watch talk shows and I do not respect the fact that they are in prime time.  So despite the fact that Alec is a fine actor, I just don’t care.  I am not going to watch it and that’s all you need to know.   If you want to watch it, more power to you.  So are there any real shows?  Yes indeedy!  Do they all suck?  No, but most of them do.


The Kids are Alright – No, this is not a TV version of the movie about The Who.  That might have been interesting.  Probably not, but it certainly would have been preferable to this.  Kids stars the marvelous Mary McCormack, completely wasted here in the role of Peggy Cleary, the matriarch of an Irish Catholic family in LA circa 1973.  She has eight children, all boys, so cue the macho, tough guy, Vietnam era laughter now.  Her husband is played by Michael Cudlitz, better known as Abraham on The Walking Dead, but with his head still intact.  Doubtful he will utter the line “suck my nuts” on this show, but if he did maybe some laughter would occur.  I watched the preview and all I could think of was that it was kind of like Malcolm in the Middle, but with more kids and substantially less funny.  Chances of me watching?  About the same as me surviving a zombie apocalypse.  (Premieres October 16th)


Single Parents –  Another painfully unfunny preview led me to give the thumbs down on this mess.  The stars of the show are supposed to be Taran Killam and Leighton Meester, but the whole thing seems to be dominated by Brad Garrett and not just because he is eight feet tall.  Essentially this is a comedy about a group of…wat for it…Single Parents!  Killam plays Will, a man who has lost all sight of anything other than his own child and his duties (Tee hee, I said doody) to the PTA.


Sorry.  Anyway, they try to get him to date and be more manly and have less princess parties and yada, yada, fucking, yada.  (Stop it!) Snore!  I actually like the cast of this show, especially Meester.  It may surprise me, but I doubt it.  Odds of me watching?  About 10% just because Leighton Meester is pretty and she’s from Fort Worth.  (Premieres September 26th)


The Rookie –  This new police drama stars Nathan Fillion.  I really should not have to say one more thing because just saying Nathan Fillion should make any human automatically tune in.  I love Nathan Fillion.  I would have Nathan Fillion’s baby if it were physically possible.  Actually, over in the UK we are actually working on a process in which any man can conceive and deliver Nathan Fillion’s baby.   It has almost been perfected.  Unfortunately, this was the first attempt:


They’re working on it.  I promise, it will get better.  Nonetheless, Nathan Fillion stars as a 40 year old guy who moves to LA to follow his dreams of becoming a police officer.  Apparently he’s gone through a divorce or something like that and he needs a new and exciting vacation.  Naturally, he is ridiculed, but he perseveres and becomes SuperCop!  No, he becomes  a good officer that works hard and gets tired easily and likely needs to stop to go to the loo quite often.  I watched Castle all the way to the bitter end even though the show was completely out of ideas by the final season.  I’ll be watching this as long as Nathan Fillion wants me to watch.  Chances of me watching?  I love Nathan Fillion!  (Premieres October 16th)


Dancing with the Stars: Juniors –  No. NO!  Just no.  No fucking way.  No.  No, no, no!  NO!  I will not review it in a house, I will not watch it in a house, I will not talk about it anymore.  I hope that the people that watch this shit have to clean a floor.  I am horrible at rhymes.  Chance of me watching?  NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!  (Premieres October 7th)


A Million Little Things – The story of a group of friends whose lives are intertwined when a giant ball of twine wraps them all together.  No, that would be more interesting.  These friends are all happy and carefree and living life like a bunch of drunken Arsenal fans (British humor) when one of them suddenly dies.  Which one?  I think it’s the third from the left which makes me wonder why this guy (Ron Livingston) is in the cast still, but I suppose we will see him in flashbacks.  Livingston plays Jon Dixon, a successful businessman who commits suicide and then we have to listen to the survivor whine about how they miss him or what they could have done differently or whatever.  I suppose his suicide is the impetus for them to start living better lives, but seriously, why couldn’t they have done that before the guy killed himself and maybe he would still be on the show.  Look, suicide is a horrible thing and I am not making light of it.  13 Reasons Why is on Netflix and it is a fucking brilliant show.  (SIR GRIFFIN!) It has taken heat for glorifying suicide and that, I simply did not see as watched the two seasons.  That show seems to treat it much more seriously than this show does, at least from the trailers and previews I have seen.  A Million Little Things seems a little overly dramatic and almost melodramatic.  It also seems depressing as fuckbeans.  (I don’t know whether to scold you or ask you what that is, so I am just going to ignore it) In any case, I don’t want to watch it.  Chances of me watching?  About the same as Billie Joe McAllister not jumping off the Tallahatchie Bridge.  (Premieres September 26th)

So there you have it kids, ABC in a nutshell.  (Help me, I am ABC and I am trapped in a nutshell)





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Sir Griffin Looks at the Fall TV Schedule: The CW


Hey kids,

Sir Griffin is back for his second installment, this time looking at the fall offerings from The CW.  Now, as we all know, The CW stands for The Crazy Wackadoodle Network since their shows are often on the odder side of wonky.  Still, they have had some fine programming in the past and I am sure Sir Griffin is ready to tell us all about the new shows without being profane.  Isn’t that correct Sir Griffin?

Yes Claude, that sure the fuck is correct.

Damn you Sir Griffin!  Please proceed…cautiously.

I decided to go with The CW today for a couple of reasons; neither of which I can remember at this time.  No, one is because I don’t watch much of anything on The CW at all and two, because we once again have only three shows to think about.

Speaking of The CW shows I do watch, I absolutely love Riverdale.  Yes, I am secretly a 17 year old girl.  But seriously the show is just darn fun.  It’s a hot mess at times and often makes no sense, however all I need to tell you is this; Betty, Veronica, Josie and Cheryl. Right there you have me hooked, but the show is marvelous and silly fun.  The other show I watch is iZombie.  Now, iZombie was really good for the first few seasons, but this past season was frankly, not impressive in the least.  I liked the show a lot better when no one really had any clue about zombies, but now that everyone knows and Seattle is isolated, it’s just not the same.  Still, I have invested this much time and I want to see how it ends so I continue to watch.  So what will be new this season?  Let’s take a look.


All American – I have to say I love your American football.  The NFL is fun to watch and I have enjoyed your college football as well.  I was watching the Chicago Bears play the Green Bay Packers the other night and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  Oddly enough I saw a commercial during the game (I forget what the hell it was for) where these women (and maybe a guy, who knows) were on their knees kissing bricks.  What the fuck ladies?

Okay Sir Griffin, you have been doing so well.  Please keep it clean and get off your tangent and talk about the show.

My apologies Timmy.  You all have very odd traditions.  In any case I was not at all impressed with this show.  A few years ago there was a show about the first female MLB player and I was very excited to watch, but it sucked.  There was once a critically acclaimed show about high school football called Friday Night Lights that bored me to tears.  I thought it was shitty.  (Watch it!)  This show appears to be about a very talented and arrogant high school football player that leaves his own school to go play at a school in Beverly Hills.  Why exactly?  Well I suppose because they can recruit and also because it’s allegedly a safer place, but what about the players left behind?  Don’t they deserve a safer place to play?  What is the coach at Beverly Hills saying exactly?  Come here and play in a safe environment and your old teammates can go fuck themselves.

Stop it, stop it, stop it now.  I think you have missed the whole concept of keeping it clean.  Please continue.

So the guy goes to the school with the most beautiful high school students in the history of high schools.  I understand that Riverdale is filled with good looking kids and so is 13 Reasons Why, for the most part, but the average high school is not like this at all.  I went to high school and at best, 10% of the student population was attractive.  (No offense Sheffield Academy of Whales, and yes, I spelled that correctly) In this show 100% of the students are beautiful and all of the parents appear beautiful as well.  My friend’s parents were not good looking in the least (no offense)  This show does not look like anything special and not worth my time.  Chances of me watching?  About the same as me becoming an all American in any sport.  (Premieres October 10th)


Legacies – This show is a spinoff of The Originals, which I have never seen.  The Originals was itself a spinoff of The Vampire Diaries, which I have also never seen.  So what exactly is this show about?  Well there is some shit about this girl named Hope who is the tribrid daughter of some dumbfuck couple which means she is part werewolf, witch and vampire.  Oh who the fuck gets drunk off their ass and thinks up shit like this?

SIR GRIFFIN!  I am warning you for the final time today.  BEHAVE!

Sorry Leonard, but I am so damned sick of vampires I could milk a cow, feed some chickens and slop a damned pig whatever the hell that means.  Oh dear god farm work?  This TV show is making me do farm work?  Egads?  No fucking way in Tunisia am I watching this side of beefshit.  (Premieres October 25th)

Dear readers, please, please, please forgive me and Sir Griffin for his outburst.  I know he is horribly upset when he threatens to do some sort of farm work.  Sir Griffin has never actually been on a farm before and he has no idea what he is talking about when it comes to combines, herbicides or cows.  Not that he mentioned combines or herbicides, but I have no idea what the hell those things are either, but I have heard of them.  And please Sir Griffin, the final program…


Charmed – This is a reboot of the WB series of the same name that ran from 1998 – 2006.  I was not a regular viewer of that show, but I did watch it occasionally.  Based on the previews I have seen this is basically the same concept; the three sisters find out they are “the charmed ones” and with that they have the “power of three” and I am just loving using quotes so I am going to do that randomly as opposed to swearing “goddamnit”.  Anyway, they use the “powers of three” in order to vanquish “supernatural demons”.  The show has gotten a tad bit of backlash, specifically from “Holly Marie Combs” who was an “original” cast member from the “original” show.  Non-original cast member “Rose McGowan” was positive towards the reboot as was original “cast member” Shannen Doherty, though “Doherty” did take some issue with the CW referring to “it” as a feminist “reboot”.  In any case, the “preview” was fairly entertaining and I liked “the” cast.  I “may” give it a “try” if for no other reason than to piss off Holly “Marie” Combs.  Chances of me watching?  About 50%.  (Premieres October 14th, which we all know as the greatest day “of” the entire “year”)

Back to you Franklin!

Thank you Sir Griffin.  We will be back again with more.  Thanks for reading!




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Sir Griffin Looks at the Fall TV Schedule: NBC


Hey kids,

Please join me in welcoming back our good friend, Sir Griffin Stromboli.  Sir Griffin has flown in all the way from England to once again enthrall us with his insights and thoughts on the upcoming Fall TV Season.  Now, before I hand over the reins allow me to set the ground rules for our guest.  I have, as always, asked Sir Griffin to keep his profanity to a minimum.  While this blog does have its share of vulgar language at times, the TV preview is not the place for that.  We like to reserve the vulgar language when we speak of social injustice as well as fat orange people with tiny hands and his supporters.  Next, we will stick with only the main networks.  ABC, CBS and NBC are the gimmes and we include FOX and the CW as well since they are technically networks.  Cable channels, Netflix and Hulu programs, though often superior, are not permitted. So, with all that in mind allow me to introduce to you all, direct from London, the Bard of Bardmoor, Sir Griffin Stromboli.

(Generous applause and some laughter)

Thank you, thank you, thank you.  My dear friend Pedro it is so nice to be back in America, where it really is not that great.

Excuse me Sir Griffin, but my name is not Pedro.

Oh, sorry old chap.  It’s nice to see you again Troy.

Um, never mind.  So, Sir Griffin I understand that you were part of the big protests that happened in Merry Olde England this past summer when the Orange Wanker came to town.

Yes indeed, Leonard, I certainly was.  I even brought a picture of myself to show all of your my adoring fans.

That is wonderful.  I don’t think many of our readers have ever seen you before so please show us the photo.

Alrighty then Olaf, take a look right here.


Wow, nice shirt Sir Griffin!

Thanks chap!  And now, let us begin…

I am starting with NBC this year.  As we all know I generally prefer to go alphabetically or at least somewhat close to that, but NBC only has three new shows this fall and two of them look good while the third looks like a huge pile of shit covered in fuck mustard.

Please Sir Griffin, I have asked you to keep your language clean.  And fuck mustard is not even a thing.

Well, not in America.  And once again we begin.

Manifest - Season 1

Manifest – I have always been a big fan of weird shit on TV and movies. (Sir Griffin!)  I enjoyed Lost, I was always a big Twilight Zone fan and anything that involves bizarre and essentially impossible things will always pique my interest.  Manifest is a drama about Montega Flight 828.  For the 191 passengers and crew, only a few hours have passed since they they left Jamaica.  For the rest of the world it has been five and a half years.  No one on the flight has aged a day.  No one will be the least bit happy to find out that their home country has been taken over by white supremacists, liars, cheaters, misogynists, assholes and a giant orange fuckwad.  (I’ll allow it) Also, no one will believe that the Cubs won the World Series.   In any case, I have seen the first 15 minutes or so of this show and I was completely enthralled.  The show stars Melissa Roxburgh as Michaela Beth Stone and Josh Dallas as her brother Ben.  There are kids involved, old people, young people, police, etc.  Something is going on and this show will likely drive some people nuts.  The people that can’t handle waiting for a mystery to play itself out.  It looks great.  Chances of me watching?  100% (Premieres September 24th)


I Feel Bad – From executive producer Amy Poehler, I Feel Bad is a comedy about Emet; a wife, mother and career woman who feels bad about, well just about everything as far as I could tell.  I love a good comedy and I adore Amy Poehler so if she’s got her hands on a project, I am in.  Sarayu Rao, aka Sarayu Blue, plays Emet.  If you think you have seen her in something before, you probably have.  She has had guest roles in shows such as The Big Bang Theory, Bones, The Real O’Neals to name a few and she was a main character on the short lived series, No Tomorrow.  Actually she was by far the most interesting character on that show.  So yes, I like her and I find the premise of this show highly amusing.  Even though I am not a woman, I have been told many times that I am quite effeminate and I don’t mind that.  Heck, I cried at the end of Crazy Rich Asians and I am pretty sure if I saw it a second time, I would cry again.  Damn that was a good movie.  (Please stay on point Sir Griffin)  Oh, sorry.  My point is that I can completely relate to Emet.  Life is not perfect, but you want it to be and you try to make it prefect and you just fuck things up over and over again.

(Sir Griffin, I am warning you with Peace and Love…STOP IT!)

My bad.  In any case the show looks damn funny and I am going to laugh every time she can’t stand the sight of her kids and know that I can totally relate when I have to see Lady Sophia Lasagna and Lord Henry Cannoli.  Chances of me watching?  100%.  (Premieres September 19th)


New Amsterdam – Back in 2008, a show premiered on Fox with this same title.  It was about an immortal Dutch guy named John Amsterdam living (obviously) and working in NYC as a homicide detective.  It lasted all of eight episodes which was seven too many.  Now comes a medical show with the same title that we can only hope sees a similar fate.  Now, we must clarify once again that I despise medical shows.  I hate them with a passion.  I hate the blood, I hate the phony doctor shit.  (HEY!)  MASH was fine, but that’s it.  And no I am not going to take the time to put the little asterisks in.  I am lucky I have spell check so I can spell asterisk.  This show looks like schlock and mush on the highest of levels.  It stars Ryan Eggold (The Blacklist) as an immortal Dutch Doctor named John Amsterdam curing patients with magic spells and touching them with his wand.  Okay, that’s a lie because I would actually watch that show.  He is actually Dr. Max Goodwin, a phony name if I ever heard one, and follows his comic misadventures as he becomes the medical director of a hospital run entirely by squirrels.  Okay, that’s not true either because I would watch a show about a Squirrel Hospital.  He is the medical director of one of the oldest public hospitals in the country and he wants to reform their practices and make people healthy and do things differently and save the world one patient at a time.  Now, I am all for universal healthcare in your country.  If you guys would just try it, you’d fucking love it.  (Sir Griff…I’ll allow it)  But here we have a show about a doctor who has ideals beyond what anyone else has ever thought of before and though he will have trials along the way, he will succeed.  OMG I can hear the violin music playing now.  Chances of me watching this shit filled festival of fart bottom hospital crap that does not include squirrels or immortal Dutch guys?  Zero Point Zero.  (Premieres September 25th.)

Dang it Sir Griffin that is enough.  If you keep up the foul language this week I will have no choice but to make you the official at Serena Williams’ next tennis match.

No, not that!  I will behave Clarence, I will behave.




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Looking Ahead to Next Week


Hey kids,

I have exciting news for you.  Next week the one and only Sir Griffin Stromboli will be here to share his insights and opinions on the upcoming fall TV season.  That’s right kids, direct from England, Sir Griffin will have previews of all the new shows just for you.  Can you feel the excitement in the air?  I know I can!

Just a couple of quick items today; one is to let you know that I had forgotten how incredibly boring and horrible the commercials are during NFL games.  For the most part they are stupid and patronizing.  It’s like the advertisers think that everyone watching is a dopey guy that just wants trucks and beer 24 hours a day.  I don’t want either.  Seriosuly, the Nike ad was a welcome respite from all that other nonsense and quite frankly, it was a lovely advertisement.

Speaking of which, I just read the definitive blog post on the whole Nike thing and I wanted you to read it as well.  I was going to just put a link, but who knows if you kids will really read that.  I also tried to actually share it from one blog to another, but when I attempted to share all I got was this.  So I am copying and pasting it here since I cannot share properly.  It was written by Annie Reneau on her blog called Motherhood and More.  I ask you to please read this and pass it on.


Nike, Colin Kaepernick, and the Respect Inherent in Taking a Knee

by Annie Reneau

So, Nike made Colin Kaepernick a face of their Just Do It campaign, and people are losing their everlovin’ minds. They’re cutting the Nike swoosh off their clothing, burning their Nike gear, pledging to boycott, and otherwise throwing a hissy fit because this company gave a man they despise a job.

Let’s start with a brief recap of how we got here:

Kaepernick sat on the bench during the national anthem at a game on August 26, 2016. He did this because he saw the issues of racial disparities in our legal and justice systems and felt that his country—the one that our flag and anthem represent—was not living up to its ideals of “liberty and justice for all.”

That simple action created an uproar among people who took it as disrespect for the flag and for the veterans who sacrificed for our freedoms. Controversy ensued.

Another football player and veteran—former Seahawk and Green Beret, Nate Boyer—saw all of this go down. He wrote an open letter to Kaepernick, sharing support for the basis of his protest but explaining why sitting during the anthem created such a visceral response in some people, including himself.

Kaepernick invited Boyer to meet with him. They spoke for 90 minutes, sharing their different perspectives.

Kap said he wanted to make his statement without being disrespectful to the military. Boyer suggested that instead of sitting, Kap could kneel during the anthem. Soldiers take a knee when one is wounded. They take a knee at a fellow soldier’s gravesite. They take a knee to pray. Taking a knee is a sign of respect and reverence.

Again, Kaepernick wanted to stage his peaceful demonstration while still showing respect for the military, so he talked to a veteran about how to do that. And that veteran suggested he take a knee instead of sitting **because taking a knee is always a sign of respect and reverence.**

I don’t know how people keep missing this and complaining that Kap and others who have knelt during the anthem are disrespecting the military.

We kneel to pray. We kneel to propose marriage. We kneel before royalty. Taking a knee in those instances is a sign of respect and reverence.

Soldiers kneel in solidarity with the wounded. Football players themselves kneel when a player is injured and carried off the field. Taking a knee says, “I see you and acknowledge your suffering.” It is always a sign of respect and reverence. Always.

Can you think of a situation in which consciously getting down on one knee is not a sign of respect? I can’t.

It’s not like Kap flipped a middle finger to the flag or dropped his pants and mooned it. It’s not like he even turned his back on it. He simply didn’t stand, and when he realized that was being misinterpreted, he knelt — at the suggestion of a veteran.

Taking a knee during the anthem as a form of protest is NOT a statement AGAINST what the flag stands for in any way, shape, or form. Taking a knee is a statement that says America is wounded by racism and injured by injustice. It says to the people of color in our nation, who are still not experiencing true liberty and justice, “I see you and acknowledge your suffering.”

And it says all of that while ALSO saying, “I respect the sacrifices made by those who fight to protect our freedoms”— because, once again, taking a knee is a sign of respect.

The flag and anthem belong to all of us. They are symbols of our ideals of “liberty and justice for all.” If some of our citizens are still not experiencing true liberty and real justice, then our flag and our anthem are not representing the nation we think they are — and that is why these protests are happening.

None of this is new information, and yet so many people still insist that these protests are disrespectful. I think there are several reasons for this:

Some people haven’t bothered to learn this story or sought to understand the hows and whys of this protest.
Some people place more importance on a symbol than on whether or not the country that symbol represents is living up to its ideals.
Some people are more concerned with order than with justice.
Some people simply don’t believe such injustices exist.
Some people simply can’t handle a black American sitting in a time and place they don’t approve of (see Rosa Parks, the Greensboro sit-ins, etc.).
But largely, I think many Americans just don’t want to talk about racism. They are content to pretend it doesn’t exist or that it will just magically go away if we ignore the topic long enough. So rather than address the actual issues that these protests are pointing to, they pour their energy into ranting about disrespecting the flag — though I’d bet dollars to donuts that they’ve never chastised the people buying hot dogs and popcorn during the anthem at a football game.

I know some people will continue misinterpreting kneeling as disrespectful and blame the players for that misunderstanding, despite the fact that they’ve been crystal clear about their intent. And that’s fine. People did the same thing to Martin Luther King, Jr. The “I Have a Dream Speech” that everyone loves to quote was delivered during an event that the majority of Americans disapproved of. “Five months before the March on Washington, 60 percent of the country had a negative view of the event and 57 percent thought that peaceful sit-ins hurt the civil rights movement. Even a year later, in 1964, 73 percent of Americans believed ‘Negroes should stop mass demonstrations.’”

That being said, I know that some people will never be comfortable with this form of protest for various reasons. What I don’t understand, though, is the fierce anger and vitriol that it has brought about in people. Burning the Nike shoes on your own feet because the company showed you Kaepernick’s face? The man exercised his constitutional right by quietly, peacefully kneeling during the anthem to bring attention to an issue that should concern all Americans who believe in justice — and you respond by throwing a fit and destroying property and calling that man unAmerican? Who is on the right side of history here?

We need to acknowledge that there’s more than one way to fight for your country, and stop questioning the patriotism of a man who has sacrificed his career and reputation trying to make America a more just place for all.

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The 99th NFL Season Begins


Hey kids,

First I want to thank you all for the incredible response to my last post.  I tend to write less when I get no feedback, which is probably why you kids give me so little feedback, but nonetheless my inbox was overflowing with positive comments.  The comments were so positive that they inspired me to do something.  I was already in need of a new pair of shoes so I checked to see if any Nike’s were on sale.  By golly they were.  And, to top it off, I had $20.00 in rewards at JCPenney that I had forgotten about!  So now I am the proud owner of these marvelous and incredibly comfortable shoes.


So now we can get to the real business at hand and that is the 99th season of the NFL which begins in Philadelphia this evening.  As always, I am extremely excited.  No, I do not expect a lot out of the Buccaneers.  I expect nothing less than them winning every game and scoring thousands of points.  Again, I also expect reality to sneak in sometime around 2 PM on Sunday when they have a meager field goal and are looking at yet another three and out.  Still, I’ll be watching each and every game and cheering them on.

Allow me to once again get this out of the way; I am sick and freaking tired of the damn Patriots.  Ugh.  Can Tom Brady just go home, snuggle the wife, play with the kids and eat some of those shitty “performance meals” he promotes?  Stay home Tom.  Please.  Alas, Tom will not stay home and once again we will see the Pats win that division because, and I do not say this lightly, the Bills suck, the Jets suck and the Dolphins suck.  Oh sure, the Bills snuck into the playoffs last year, but no one is getting fooled to the point that they think they will win the division.  Maybe some drunk guy in Orchard Park, but that’s about it.


In other news, it was great to see the Eagles stick it to the Pats in the Super Bowl last year.  What was not great was Adam deciding to show me the video on YouTube of some Philly fan eating horse manure off the ground during the celebration.  Frankly, that is not how I celebrate.  Call me boring if you must, but I am good with a pizza and some wings.

I really think the Eagles were hitting on all rotator cuffs last year and really just got rolling at the right time.  Everything fell into place perfectly and they took advantage.  We’ve seen it before and we will see it again.  I don’t think we will see the Eagles repeat as Super Bowl Champs nor as NFC Champs, but as I am always wrong with my predictions, I would not put money on my guesses.

So who do I think will be playing in the…hang on, I have to check the proper name of the stadium.  It’s the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta as opposed to the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans or any of the three Mercedes-Benz Arenas in Stuttgart, Berlin or Shanghai.  Nope, it’s the one in Atlanta.  And it’s Super Bowl LIII for those wondering.  Who will be playing?  Well, if you go by my picks you will only know who will not be there.


But, before I get to that I want to mention that I was looking at the so-called expert’s picks and I have to say that they have little to no ability to make picks that are out of the ordinary.  Several offered a rematch of last year with the exact same results.  Several picked the Pats and many went with the Packers.  All viable choices, but I felt like going a bit wild this year so without further ado (and seriously, how much ado does one really need) here are my picks for Super Bowl LIII:

Cincinnati Bengals vs Atlanta Falcons

Now, I am just realizing that will mean the Falcons will not only be playing in their home stadium, but they will be the designated home team as well.  Huh.  Now I know that is really stepping out, but with my picks always going so horribly wrong I figured I had nothing to lose.

Enjoy the season kids.


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I Told You not to be Stupid You Moron


Hey Kids,

I have always loved music and I know I am criticized for it a lot (ask me if I care) but I tend to listen to the same songs now as I did when I was growing up.  I know absolutely nothing about the music that is current and essentially very little about anything after Nirvana released Nevermind in 1991.  I am old enough that I can recall when John Lennon’s “Imagine” was in heavy rotation on the radio.  Yes, I am that old.  That song was, and is still, one of my favorites.  I was always struck by the sound of the piano and the beautiful lyrics that John composed.  From Wikipedia:

“The best-selling single of his solo career, its lyrics encourage the listener to imagine a world at peace without the barriers of borders or the divisions of religion and nationality and to consider the possibility that the whole of humanity would live unattached to material possessions.”

I have never understood why John’s vision was such a difficult thing to achieve, but as I see the world today I can tell you that we are as far away from that now as we have ever been and it continues to get worse.

The latest in a series of false patriotism, hatred, racism and a complete lack of concern for the well-being of our fellow citizens comes to us in the form of what is now known as the Nike boycott.  If you don’t know about it, I am shocked.  It started with this now infamous advertisement:


For the uniformed that is Colin Kaepernick, the man who was essentially ostracized by the NFL for believing in something greater than himself and using his platform, as well as his 1st Amendment rights, to peacefully protest the suffering and injustices that happen every day to people of color.

This angered many white people; the same white people that claimed that such things as “white privilege” did not exist.  The same white people that voted for a draft dodger that ridiculed an American war hero, while at the same time telling us that Kaepernick was the one disrespecting veterans.  The same white people that call themselves Christians, yet think they are oppressed for being the majority in the country.  The same white people that insist on saying “Merry Christmas” to celebrate the birth of a dark skinned, Jewish, Socialist, while vilifying anyone who dare say “Happy Holidays”.  The same white people who continued to purchase Nike apparel when they were accused of using sweatshops in South Korea, China and Taiwan.  Sure, forced child labor is fine, but god forbid an African-American man do something that’s actually protected by the US Constitution.


Now those same people are up our asses once again and I might add, it is not pretty up there.  They have taken to Twitter, YouTube, Facebook or whatever place they can find to draw more attention to themselves in an effort to show Nike who is the boss.  Yes, they are burning shoes they have bought and paid for as well as socks, shirts and anything else with a Nike swoosh logo on it for three reasons:

  1. To bring attention to themselves (look at me, look at me!)
  2. To show us all how incredibly stupid they are
  3. To prove to all of us that Colin Kaepernick was right from the very beginning

You all go batshit crazy over a song that supposedly is about expressing your own freedom.  You go bonkers over a flag that, quite simply, is a piece of cloth or a picture on a wall.  Yet, it supposedly represents freedom; something you do not want Kaepernick and anyone else that protests to have.  You’re worshipping a flag and a song as opposed to caring for your fellow citizens.  You fake patriots have essentially created a false idol and, if I my, let me remind you that the worship of false idols is strictly prohibited in the bible; the book that you hold so dearly and the one that your fearful, overweight, orange leader likes to call his favorite book, despite the fact that he’s about as Christian as sea slug (and way less intelligent) and refers to one book as “Two Corinthians”.  From the King James version:

Ye shall make you no idols nor graven image, neither rear you up a standing image, neither shall ye set up any image of stone in your land, to bow down unto it: for I am the Lord your God. Ye shall keep my sabbaths, and reverence my sanctuary. – Leviticus 26:1-2

I have mentioned before of a friend I had in elementary and junior high school.  His name was David.  He and his family were Jehovah’s Witnesses.  They did not celebrate birthdays or holidays.  When we had a class party he excused himself and sat in the principal’s office.  In the mornings when the anthem was played and the pledge was recited he sat quietly at his desk.  We all knew why and we understood.  No one that I can recall made fun of him.  No one ever accused him of not supporting the troops in Vietnam.  (Damn I am old) No one cared.  Not the students, not the teachers and certainly not his friends.  What we did care about was the fact that he ate peanut butter and ketchup sandwiches for lunch.  That was gross.  However, no one cared about his remaining seated.  Why?  Were we smarter back then?  I doubt it.  Were we less patriotic as a nation?  Perhaps, but during the Bicentennial (Google it kids or ask your parents) I saw an awful lot of patriotism on display so again, probably not.  Maybe, just maybe we had respect for people other than ourselves.  Maybe we decided that we cared enough that we wanted our friends to be as happy as we were.  Maybe we knew that we were taught about Freedom of Speech and the Freedom of Religion and we understood that.  Somewhere along the line we have lost that.


If you want to burn your Nike apparel, have fun.  You bought it and you have every right to do it.  I will not stand in your way.  But if you want to do that, how about having some respect for my rights or Kaepernick’s rights or the rights of every other citizen in this country to protest as they wish?  Do your thing and let him do his thing.  That’s the whole point about freedom; you can protest, you can burn your shoes and you can eat peanut butter and ketchup sandwiches.

But instead of burning your shoes and apparel, how about donating them to someone who needs them.  Perhaps a group that distributes clothes to homeless veterans.  I mean, seriously, you seem to think it is offensive to veterans when someone takes a knee, but it was a veteran who recommended that to Kaepernick in the first place.  I am more offended by seeing homeless veterans (or anyone homeless for that matter) than a man kneeling for two minutes during a song that’s “meh” at best.  If you are so concerned about honoring the military how about donating some clothes that you don’t want to them?  I mean, Nike’s are expensive.  I can’t afford them.  I buy cheap shoes so if you have a size 12, let me know.  I’ll donate them for you.

Please consider making a veteran’s donation by going to Veteran’s Donation Pickup and making arrangements instead of burning your things.  You paid for them, let them go to good use.  Think about someone other than yourself.

Imagine there’s no countries, It isn’t hard to do
Nothing to kill or die for, And no religion too
Imagine all the people living life in peace – John Lennon


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My Tears are Real


Hey kids,

I think that before I get too far in my bitch session today I want to share a brief little story and a fun game.  Today as I was listening to the radio this question was posed to the listeners; if you were tasked with introducing a stranger to the music of Duran Duran and could only choose five songs, which five would you choose.  Now I normally hate this kind of nonsense because it is just that; nonsense.  However, I thought it would be entertaining for all of us before I berate the deplorable assholes that have turned our country into a shithole.  So, I quickly came up my my five songs:

  1. Hungry Like the Wolf
  2. Rio
  3. Save a Prayer
  4. Union of the Snake
  5. New Moon On Monday

Now I realize that you kids would probably pick something different and that is perfectly fine.  It’s okay to have a different opinion about Duran Duran songs.  It is not, however, okay to have a differing opinion on what is right and wrong when it comes to how a human with a soul should act towards other humans.


I feel I am at the end of my rope.  I am so disheartened and disgusted by my own country that I seriously do not know how much more I can take.  How did we let this happen?  How did we get to this moment in time in which the hatred and racism is now socially acceptable?  How did we digress so much?  I watched Don Lemon and I really want you all to watch this clip as well, so please indulge me and watch the whole thing.  Then maybe you can help me out and explain to me how such a buffoon has degraded the highest office in the land and how we continue to allow this to happen.  Please watch and I’ll be waiting.

It never should have gotten to this point.  It should have ended 10 seconds after he announced he would run.  It should have ended when he made fun of a disabled person or when he called Mexicans rapists, but you idiots out there ate this shit up and I just don’t get it.

I really want some honesty from all of my friends and family members and I ask this because this is beyond the make or break time for me.  In full disclosure, I am way past the time of laughing off his garbage.  I am past the time of shrugging off those who support him and spew hatred at his rallies.  I am in tears at times for what used to be my country.  Like it or not, America is now one of the Shithole Countries that he once complained about.  I will say it loud and proud.  America is the Shithole Country and we have got to turn this around now, although I fear it is already too late.


Call me a liberal.  I wear that as a badge of honor.  Call me a snowflake.  Again, I take that as a compliment because snowflakes are all unique and beautiful.  Call me whatever you like because I am not changing.  I stand firmly against this administration and all who support it.

And for the love of Christ can we put the damn bitching and moaning about NFL players kneeling for that stupid ass song to rest once and for all?  Sit, stand, kneel, do jumping jacks, juggle, fart, scratch your ass, eat nachos or chug a beer for all I fucking care.  It’s a god damned song.  I want all of you white folks to go out and be black for a while and see how you are treated and then tell me everything is okay.  What?  you can’t do that?  Then shut the fuck up, allow the people who choose to exercise their first amendment rights to peacefully protest and either watch the damn game or go play your racist, patriotic bingo or whatever the hell it is you people do, but just allow them their rights as we allow you to rant and rave about how much you love your country, but at the same time don’t want hungry children to eat, homeless people to have a place to live or everyone to have health insurance.  You go right ahead and express your rights and let everyone else express theirs.  Savvy?

Am I angry?  Hell yes I am angry and if you are not angry there is something seriously wrong with you.  I’ll burn every bridge, lose every friend (truly not that many) and I’ll say goodbye to people I care about over this.  I can’t take the tears and I can’t take the way this makes me feel.  No more.


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