Posted by: lylescott89 | September 27, 2005

Donkey Business

Well, here we are on 9/27 and it has again been almost a month since I rambled on & on. Frank, you can stop sending me all those letters asking for more because here it is.

Donna and I went and saw Just Like Heaven last weekend. We loved it. It was funny, sweet, charming and just plain fun. An excellent film I highly recommend.

Did we all see the premiere of Lost last week? Fantastic. I love this show. How many of us thought there would be so much down in the hatch? I never figured there would be a guy named Desmond. More questions each week. That’s what makes the show so much fun. Did anyone else notice the "evil numbers" were on all the bottles of serum in Desmond’s medicine cabinet? Did anyone notice the painting on the wall with the sun and the number 108 in the center? 4+8+15+16+23+42=108.

There are some new shows that have drawn my interest this season. Invasion comes on right after Lost and it was inventive and showed promise. I am intrigued. Likewise I am intrigued by Threshold over on CBS. More aliens plus the guy who played Data, the dwarf from The Station Agent and Carla Gugino. I watched Ghost Whisperer too. I’ll admit I watched it just to see Jennifer Love Hewitt because she is so hot, but I actually enjoyed the show too. I will watch it again. Bones is good too.

One show I will hopefully never watch is Three Wishes. That looks like crap. Another one of those boo-hoo shows that make old women cry. This one stars Amy Grant. Didn’t she dump her husband a few years back and marry some country dude like Travis Tritt? Maybe it was Randy Travis? Who knows, who cares. The point I am trying to make is that she acts so perfect yet she dumps her husband and runs off with this country dude and that’s okay. What a witch. I hope no one watches her crappy show.

Sometimes I enjoy a nice icy cold Coca Cola.

The other day, I had a Fanta. It was an Orange Fanta and it was good. However, the only reason I got it was because the machine was out of coke and cherry coke. It was not because of the Fantanas.

Jessica Alba is still hot. Just needed to mention that. She has a new movie out this weekend. It might stink, but it won’t matter. She’ll be in a bikini. What could be better?



  1. I have missed your blogs. Good to have you back, and happy there is no mention of the M-word. I must admit that since Amy Grant’s hypocritical action, that I too am no longer a fan and have no desire to see her in anything, especially a bikini. I have absolutely no idea who she hooked up with. I loved Data. He was the best part of Star Trek the Next Generation.

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