Posted by: lylescott89 | October 4, 2005

Corpse Bride

It is true that I did not like The Nightmare Before Christmas.  I had no trouble with the look of the film, but I found the story to be boring and the songs I thought were just plain bad.  Corpse Bride does not have any memorable songs either, but it is a really cute story.  The stop motion animation is fantastic and it’s just plain fun.  I liked it.
Let’s clear up the Brooks & Dunn thing once and for all.  I have no idea how many people make up B&D.  I cannot name any one of their songs.  I still think that Garth Brooks is the Brooks part, but I do not know about the Dunn.  My crack team tells me that it is not Garth, but rather Foster Brooks.  However, I am pretty sure he is dead and has been replaced by Garth.  I probably could not pick any member of this band out of a lineup.  For all I know, Dunn might play the tuba on the albums. 
Speaking of the tuba, today begins post season baseball.  Everything starts at 1:00pm when the Padres take on the Cardinals in St Louis.
Some of you out there have asked why I have not posted more photos.  Well, I’ll post more when I get more, but for now, please enjoy what I have for you.  I have enlarged them for your viewing pleasure.
I am intrigued by the new Amazing Race.  I do not like the fact that they are just hanging out in the US for most of the show, but I guess with all those extra people this time it was just easier.  Form what I understand it may be a few weeks before we see anyone leave the country.  That kind of stinks, but if the shows are good, then it will be okay.
More later if I feel like it.


  1. May one safely assume that there will no more mention of Brooks and Dunn? I think that would be a good thing. Another good thing would be if there was never mention of Martha Stewart again, by anyone. Who are these crazy people who enjoy producing stop motion animation? They must have the patience of saints or they are just plain nuts. Speaking of the tuba . . . oom pa pa.

  2. Excuse me, but I omitted a word. bePlease insert were necessary.

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