Posted by: lylescott89 | January 24, 2006

The Bandwagon

Hey Kids!  I have good news for you all.  Our readership is up 17% since the beginning of January.  Fantastic.  Welcome to all you new kids out there and thanks for helping us continue to grow.
You know, I have never seen a tattoo on any person at any time that looked good.  I have never seen a tattoo that improved the looks of anybody.  Sad that this fad will not end. 
Well, the Super Bowl is set for this year and just like every other year there are plenty of bandwagon jumpers.  Now, since I have lived in this area I have seen maybe 3 or 4 people wearing Steelers paraphanalia or with Steeler stuff on their car.  Never have I seen anyone wearing or displaying any Seahawks items.  But guess what?  In the past few days I have seen tons of it.  I saw a car today with Seahawks stuff all over it.  Where did this peron come from all of a sudden?  Suddenly, the Steelers fans are crawling out of the woodwork.  I have seen car flags, bumper stickers, shirts, hats, etc.  (It was the same last year with a whole bunch of Eagles & Patriots stuff.  Now, I see none of that)
Let me tell you about a guy that works in my building.  We shall call him Ted.  Now, I do not work with Ted, but he works in my building.  Often in the mornings we arrive at the same time.  We have never had in depth conversations, but we are cordial and usually say hello, how was your weekend, etc.  Ted drives a white car.  (Sorry, but beyond that I can tell you nothing)  I have never seen a flag or sticker or anything on Ted’s car relating to any sports team.  Suddenly and without warning I see Ted’s car this morning.  It is covered in Steelers stuff.  Two flags, a bumper sticker and a hat in the back window.  Whoa Ted, when did this happen?  I did not say anything to him, but I did find it odd that in the last three years I have seen nothing close to this from Ted.  Atta boy Ted!  Don’t hurt yourself when you fall off the bandwagon.  Same goes to the Seahawks fan I saw on my way in this morning.  Atta boy (insert your name here Mr Seahawks fan) be careful you don’t hurt yourself.
That said, it is time for my Super Bowl XL prediction:
Steelers 31
Seahawks 17
Both teams have played well leading up to the big game, but I give the edge to the Steelers, despite the fact that they do not have cheerleaders.  An oversight that should be corrected.
We shall see if I am correct on Feb 5th.  If I am incorrect, please don’t tell anyone.  Thanks kids!

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