Posted by: lylescott89 | March 1, 2006

Time for Lent

Well, it’s Lent time again.  Every year, hundreds of people decide they will give up something for Lent and two actually do it.  This is Ash Wednesday, the day I am always tempted to tell people "Hey, you got dirt on your head".
Most people who give up something for Lent usually pick a food item.  I don’t know why.  Most of the time people pick itens that are too difficult to give up.  Well, to honor the season of lent, I have decided to give up the following items:
Asparagus, mushrooms, fish, olives, nuts, beets, sweet potatoes, tofu, venison, cauliflower & all diet sodas.
Check with me after Lent ends and I’ll let you know how I did.  I am willing to bet I will do well.
Let’s go back to that Bode Miller bonehead for a minute.  He went 0-5 in his Olympic events and then said he thought he did well.  Did well?  In what?  Drinking?  Not practicing?  I still feel bad for the poor guy left off the team so this idiot could be on it.
New episode of Lost tonight.  I am giddy already!!!!
See you later kids.


  1. Giddy – I love that word!

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