Posted by: lylescott89 | March 12, 2006

Blue Moo

Hey Kids,
Sorry I have not written anything for your enjoyment in a while.  I have been traveling out and about.  During my recent travels I have learned that readership is up an astonishing 14% now.  Not too shabby.
Did we all get a chance to watch the Oscars?  I did, of course, and I have my own comments.  So good to see the deliciously hot Reese Witherspoon win best actress.  She looked great in her gown.  But, the evenings best dress had to go to Salma Hayek for that blue thing she wore.  I liked it a lot.
Surprised to see Crash winn Best Picture.  Now, it was a very good flm, but best picture of 2005?  No.  Oddly enough, the best pictures of 2005 were not even nominated.  Hands down the best pic of 2005 was King Kong.  The ever hot Naomi Watts should have been nominated for best actress.  Maybe she would have done better than that train wreck of a gown she wore had she been nominated.
Jon Stewart did a very good job in hosting.  I hope he is back again next year.
Ever notice how some guys look natural in a tux and others look like they are totally out of place, like they just grabbed a tux out of their dad’s closet ad threw it on?   I noticed that.
Tried something different yesterday.  I went and had lunch at Crispers.  It was yummy.  I will have to say I will return to Crispers to eat again. 


  1. 14%! Hmmmm, most impressive.

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