Posted by: lylescott89 | March 30, 2006

Not Henry Gale

Okay kids, last nights episode of Lost had to be one of the best ever.  As we all suspected that Henry Gale was not who he said he was, last night we got proof.  But who is he?  Is he one of The Others as suspected or someone else?  Smart money gets put on him being an Other.
But what of the real Henry Gale?  We know he’s dead and buried where the false Henry Gale claimed his wife was, but who was he and how did he get to the island?  Was he Desmond’s partner at the Swan Station?  Was he at a different station?  If you got a good look at Henry’s drivers license you noticed he was from Wayzata, MN.  The zip code where he lived was 55391, which if you add the numbers together totals 23.  Out of curiosity I also looked up the area code for Wayzata and it is 952, which adds up to 16.  The evil numbers pop up everywhere.  I’ll have to go back and watch again and see if I can freeze frame the license for more info.
Also, in the flashback scenes we saw Locke doing a house inspection for Nadia, Sayid’s lost love.  Nadia was the freedom fighter that Sayid let go years earlier and was on his way to see when the plane went down.
I do believe that in the background when Locke was at the hotel to deliver the money to his father that I saw an Oceanic flight taking off in the background.
For a long time I have contended that Locke’s dad was the real Sawyer.  Last night just made me think that more.
But what to make of the diagram in the hatch that Locke saw during the shitdown?  It appeared to be a map of all the Dharma stations.  Whoever made it (perhaps Desmond?) wrote "I am here" with an arrow pointing to the Swan Station.  Why did the person who drew the diagram do so in ink that can only be seen under the ultraviolet light?  Why does the station lockdown like that?  Perhaps to hide the cargo delivery from those in the station?  Hopefully we shall see.
Next week we focus on Hurley.  I think we will see Libby in his flashbacks.  Perhaps she was a doctor in the mental institution where he was for a while?  Perhaps she’s not a psychiatrist at all?  Time will tell.
All I can say is this:  I think Lost is the best show on television.  So much goes on to get me thinking that it almost bursts out of my head.  So many connections.
I’ll leave you with this kids:    4 8 15 16 23 42     I don’t think I’ll ever get those numbers out of my head.

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