Posted by: lylescott89 | August 22, 2006

Plop Pickle Plunk

Hey Kids,
Well, the evil has left my house this morning.  She will return though, which I will obviously not look forward to, but at least she is gone now.  What a relief.
I have been trying to catch up on the news & sports since my return from Santorini.  I read a story from a couple of weeks ago that golfer Michelle Wheeeeeeeee fired her caddy.  Now, I have seen Caddyshack a number of times and I know that being a caddy is probably one of the easiest, do nothing jobs in the world.  What the heck does a caddy do that warrants being fired?  Did he drop her clubs?  Did he tell her she was looking kinda hot?  Was he secretly washing Tiger Woods’ balls instead of hers?  I mean really, if there was ever a job for homeless people, it would be a caddy.  In fact, I recommend that all golfers get a homeless person to caddy for them.  Think about it.  Homeless people are used to being outside in the heat.  They usually walk everywhere.  They are used to carrying all of their possessions with them, so a golf baggie would not be a problem.  They need a job and they need food.  Perhaps a lovely beverage as well.  Why not get a homeless person to caddy for you?  I think I will start my own business of homeless caddys.  What does Michelle’s caddy have to do besides carry a heavy bag and hand her a club?  Nothing.  Easy work, easy money.
Less than three weeks to go until the 2006 NFL season starts for real.  I am so excited.


  1. Help, what is plop, pickle, plunk from?  I am envisioning Judge Reinhold saying that, but I don’t know if that is correct.  Arrrrrgh. 
    Hire a homeless caddy today!

    • It’s from an episode of “One Day at a Time”. It’s a method that Barbara’s friend Bob uses at his hamburger joint job. Plop is for mayonnaise, pickle is of course, pickle, and plunk stands for cole slaw.

      • I think it was kethcup, pickle, lettuce.

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