Posted by: lylescott89 | November 10, 2006


Hey Kids,
Just wanted to share a story about a new sandwich place in town called Dagwood’s.  The fam & myself were invited to a special VIP gatherin on 11/8.  The official store opening was the next day, but we were invited and were able to sample a number of different sandwiches, soups & desserts.  Delicious is the only word to describe it all.  Yummy would be good too.  We also got to meet Dean Young, the son of Chic Young who was the creator of Blondie.  Dean is the current writer of the strip. is the website in case you want more info.  Dean said they have been trying to do this for almost 40 years and it is a dream come true for him.  He also said they have already received franchise fees for 500 restaurants, so be on the lookout for one near you.  Right now, there is only one and it is delicioso.  We tried the Reuben, the Cuban, the New Orleans Roast Beef Po Boy, the ham & cheese and the curry chicken.  All great.  We also tried the chocolate cake and the cheesecake, also yummy. Donna was brave and tried the carrot cake, which is the devil’s food, but she said it was good.  It is a sin to put veggies in a cake.  You wouldn’t have celery cake now would you?
Today we celebrate the Veteran’s Day holiday, which can only mean one thing:  no work!!!!  Donna and took the day to enjoy a film.  We went and saw Stranger than Fiction and it was excellent.  Probably one of the best of the year and easily an Oscar contender. 
Lost is done until February 7th.  Makes me mad, but at least I have a few other shows to keep me busy.

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