Posted by: lylescott89 | December 29, 2006

Best of 2006 According to Me Part I

Hey Kids,
What a busy holiday season.  I just have not had the time to keep you kids reading and out of trouble.  Well, I hope to remedy that in 2007, but no promises.   There is a lot to share, stories to tell, etc., but I thought instead of going into all that I would start up with my best of 2006.  Today we visit Lyle’s top 10 movies of 2006.  I know what you are saying to yourselves (besides why am I reading this nonsense).  You are saying that there are films that have been released this year that I have not seen yet.  True, but the list has to be out prior to 12/31, so I have no chice.  Without further Abu, here are my picks:
1.  Little Miss Sunshine – Funny story about the most disfunctional family ever on a road trip from New Mexico to California.  Great performances all around.
2.  Pirates of the Carribbean: Dead Man’s Chest – Lots of action, lots of Johnny Depp, just plain fun.
3.  Cars – Another classic from our friends at Pixar.
4.  The Illusionist – Really cool story about a turn of the century magician.  Edward Norton’s & Paul Giamatti’s performances are tope rate.
5.  The Prestige – Really cool story about two turn of the century magicians. 
6.  Casino Royale – The best Bond film since Goldfinger.  Daniel Craig could possibly be the best Bond ever.  For now, I list him at #2 behind Sean Connery.  Okay, since you asked I list Pierce Brosnan third, Roger Moore fourth, George Lazenby fifth and Timothy Dalton dead last.
7.  V for Vendetta – You got to love a film where the main character always wears a mask and blows things up and somehow he is a hero.
8.  Stranger than Fiction – Will Ferrell proves he can act normal and still be funny. 
9.  Superman Returns – Loved the story, loved the suit, loved Lois, loved Lex, loved it all.
10.  The Lake House – How can you not fall in love with this film.  Charming from beginning to end.
Well, there you have it.  Lyle’s best films of 2006.  Next time we’ll talk tv.
By the way, I had a nice Christmas.  Thanks for asking.


  1. I must be having a Lyssa moment . . . dysfunctional, not disfunction. LOL

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