Posted by: lylescott89 | January 22, 2007

Brad & Mary go to WDW

Hey kids,
Brad & Mary went to WDW today, specifically the Magic Kingdom.  They actually went last night to enjoy some of the sights and food of the Disney area, but went to the park today.  Which brings me to today’s subject:
The Disney Illiterate
Every time I go to WDW, there is always some idiot here at work that asks me a really stupid question.  That question is usually something like this:  Did you just go to Disney World or did you go to Epcot too?  Now, we all know that Epcot is part of WDW.  I always have to correct these people, but they persist.  Now, I always have to take my time to explain to these morons that there are four theme parks that the term "Walt Disney World" encompasses:  Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Disney-MGM Studios and Animal Kingdom.  Still, the thickheads I work with cannot figure this out.  Thus, I call them The Disney Illiterate.
I have also run into The Pizza Illiterate.  These are people that invite a group to their home for some event and order one large pizza for 10 people.  How do these people function in their daily lives?
Well, as I predicetd at the beginning of the season, we have the Colts vs the Bears in Super Bowl XLI.  I am a big Tony Dungy fan, so I will have to root for the Colts.  Dungy was the best when he coached the Bucs and I want him to win a Super Bowl as a coach. 
Readership is up another 7%.  Thanks for spreading the good news kids.
A note for Barry:  Your birthday is next month and I have brought back the 28 Babes of February in your honor.  Be sure to check your e-mail daily in February for this annual event, now in its second year.

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