Posted by: lylescott89 | March 10, 2007

Dinosaur World

Hey Kids,
We just got back a short while ago from taking Adam to Dino World.  What fun!  We had coupons for 50% off of the admission, which was great because the three of us got in for $18.00 rather than $36.00.  The place is not worth $36.  Hardly worth $18 really, but Adam had so much fun it was well worth it.  Look for pictures very soon at my flickr website:  Overall, we had a very fun day.  We looked at dinos, had a lovely picnic lunch, went to the fruit & veggie stand across the street and bought a ton of strawberries and then came home.  Adam recognized most of the dinos there, did a little fossil digging and once again proclaimed his desire to be a paleontologist.  Fun times.
Tonight is the dreaded night where we move the clocks.  I hate this.  It is stupid and a waste of time.  (Waste of time, get it?)  Anyway, people always say you lose an hour of sleep, bt I do not get that.  I lose an hour of awake.  I hate losing an hour of awake.
BTW, I have stopped putting on my pants one leg at a time.  I want to rage against the machine.  I choose not to be like everyone else.  From now on it’s two legs at a time for me. 
Gotta go kids.  Must check the wather in Cleveland.


  1. There is nothing like a trip to Dinosaur World, unless of course that is a trip to DW with a bunch of first graders on charter buses that are involved in a crash on the way back to school.  Ah, memories.
    DST – HATE IT!  I am just old fashioned, I like the real time, which we only have 8.5 hours of left until November.  Who comes up with this crap? 
    Waste of time – LOL, I get it!

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