Posted by: lylescott89 | May 8, 2007

Steak & Whale

Hey kids,
Bad news:  The Steak & Ale in town is closing.  They have to tear it down to make room for a new road.  I love Steak & Ale, though I do not go as often as I would like.  The last day of business is May 28th and I thought I’d take the tim to share some S&A memories.
My first visit to an S&A was in 1991.  We were invited by a friend of mine whom we will call Jon.  Now Jon invited us to share in the joy of his relationship with his new fiance.  I cannot recall her name, but for this blog we shall call her Marcia.  Jon & Marcia broke up a few months later, Spring 1992 I think, but for our purposes tonight, they were a happy couple.  Jon ordered a bottle of celevratory wine, which I did not partake in since I do not like wine.  I ordered the Kensington Club for dinner.  It was excellent.  A delightful blend of spices on a nice size hunk of meat. Delicious.  The night ended with dessert.
Over the years, I have been many times and I always get the Kensington Club.  But first, I always have a bowl of French Onion soup. followed by the salad bar.  My last visit was in December for Donna’s Christmas party.  There is this old, wackt lady there every year.  She is married to someone on the staff.  Let’s call her Zelda.  I was walking to the salad bar as she was coming back.  Zelda carried a bowl of soup in her hands and had a big ass grin on her face.  She said "they have vegetable soup on the salad bar.  Vegetable soup!"  She was thrilled.  She must love that soup.  Whatver will Zelda do.
Last thing:  A while ago we were having lunch with some people we had not seen in years.  Let’s call them Hank & Betsy.  We were discussing the wonders of the dvr/tivo system.  They said they would like to get that because "they always had trouble on Sunday nights deciding between waytching 7th Heaven and Extreme Home Makeover".  Now, I thought we were dealing with normal people.  Then to find out that these are what they consider the best shows on tv?  I was frightened.  I will admit  have seen 7th Heaven once.  It was one of the longets hours of my life.  Brutal.  I cannot even imagine watching crap like EHM.  That guy with the little beard is scary.


  1. It’s been years since I have been to S&A.   The one near me closed down many years ago.  I think the last time I visited S&A it was either probably in Tampa. 
    7th Heaven????  I am surprised anyone watches that show.  I have never seen an entire episode.  Perhaps 7 minutes total.   EHM is the absolute worst show on any channel.  I cannot stand the yelling that goes on, not to mention I don’t need to watch someone with a boo hoo story get some magnificent house for free.  Don’t get me wrong, I am not a cold-hearted person.  It’s just that there is no way that every sad story person will get a new home.  This is not fair, so it bothers me.  If everyone with a sob story would get a new home, well then go for it.  I would then love the show. 

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