Posted by: lylescott89 | May 9, 2007


Hey kids,
So I joke about what a piece of crap that stupid Extreme Home Makeover show is and then the next day in the paper I read that the creepy guy with the hair on his chin was arrested for DUI.  Absolutely hilarious.  So this clown goes form town to town acting like a moron and building houses for people with sad stories, while someone else with a sad story from across the street looks on and asks "why them and not me?" and then gows out and gets plastered and endangers the lives of all the people in that town.  What is he trying to do, create stories?  This clown gets loaded drunk, plows into someones house, kills their cat and then builds them a new house.  What a heartwarming story that would be.  EHM is garbage and I am shocked that the American public buys into this crap.  Well, maybe not.  The American public is dumb enough to elect a moron to the White House, so I guess I should believe anything.  Regardless, I think it is funny that this idiot got arrested.
Saw Spider-Man 3.  It was not as good as the first or second films, but still great.  I loved it.  I saw a trailer for Rush Hour 3 while I was there.  Now, I cannot stand Jackie Chan or Chris Tucker and have never seen Rush Hour or Rush Hour 2 and I will not see this one either.  I did see a trailer for The Bourne Ultimatum and I will definitely see that.  Loved the first two Bourne films.  Also saw a trailer for Surf’s Up and I will take Adam to see that.  It looks cute.  I hope it is better than Happy Feet, which I was only able to watch 20 minutes of before I got bored.
Vegetable soup!  They have vegetable soup!
Does anyone like Dr Phil?  I have never met one person that likes Dr Phil, yet he is supposedly very popular.  Please explain.
I’m listening to The Howard Stern Show right now.  I love satellite radio. 
I want pizza.  Pizza sounds tasty.  I think I will go out for pizza tonight.
I was behind a van last night and saw the funniest bumper sticker I have ever seen.  It made me laugh out loud:
"George W Bush is saving your ass whether you like it or not"
How can anyone look at that and not laugh hysterically?  What a joke!  I was not sure whether they had it on their for a joke or they were serious, but then I noticed an anti-abortion bumper sticker and figured they must be serious.  Scary!

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