Posted by: lylescott89 | June 14, 2007

Enjoy the Silence

Hey Kids,
I just noticed I have not added an entry in quite a while, so here you go.
I had a meeting on Tuesday for work.  It was an all day deal.  There was this lady there that we will call Debra.  Now, I do not see Debra very often, but Debra is always complaining about how she has no money.  At the same time, Debra will mention her recent trip to France or her upcoming trip to Seattle.  Then she will discuss her new jewelry and so on.  Is it just me or is there something wrong with this picture? 
I got a haircut tonight.  I always enjoy that.  Having someone wash your hair in one of those big tub sinks is just fun.
I have at least one more day of peace, maybe two.  Then, it all starts back up again.  The screaming, the fighting the nagging.  This week is going so fast.


  1. Apparently Debra does not have any money, because she spends it on vacations, jewelry and so on.  Yep, Debra is not right.

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