Posted by: lylescott89 | October 15, 2007

The Monday after my birthday

Hey kids,
Well, it’s monday again and the birthday is over.  Although I did go and get my free birthday burrito at Moe’s today.  I love the free birthday burrito.  I still have a free stir fry coming from BD’s Mongolian Grill.  It expires on  the 21st, so I still have time.
So, what did I do for birthday weekend?  Well, I spent a good portion of Saturday at the Safety Harbor Spa.  I got a pedicure, which was really fun and then was able to utilize the facilities there for the rest of the day.  Swimming, jacuzzi, tennis, workout room, etc.
Then there was the ice cream cake from Cold Stone Creamery.  Peanut Butter Passion was the name if I recall.  It was delicious and there is still a small bit in the freezer.  It will be gone by tomorrow I am sure.
The Bucs beat the Titans 13-10 and I watched that.  I also watched the amazing Rockies defeat the Diamondbacks 4-1 and take a commanding 3-0 lead in the NLCS. 
Of course, there was that fabulous lunch at Tilted Kilt on Saturday.  How can I describe Tilted Kilt?  Let’s call it Hooters with better decor and less clothes.
My birthday dinner was at the Texas Cattle Company.  They give you a free 18 oz t-bone on your birthday, so I had that along with a baked potato, salad and some jalapeno poppers.  Yummy.
More to share later.

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