Posted by: lylescott89 | October 23, 2007

Sox vs Rocks

Hey kids,
World Series time!  Starts tomorrow night in Boston.  The Red Sox probably have the edge, but I’m a National League guy and I will be rooting for the Rockies.  Still, there are two notable exceptons to my National League rule:
2002:  Giants vs Angels  I rooted for the Angels because I can’t stand Barry Bonds and I don’t think he deserves a Series title.
2005:  Astros vs White Sox  I rooted for the White Sox because they are from Chicago and if the Cubs can’t be there, I’ll root for the south side.
Potential problem with game 5 in Denver:  The Broncos play a home game that night.  Oy!  The traffic nightmares!
Have you all been watching The Bionic Woman?  It’s interesting to me the rate of inflation.  30 years ago it cost a mere $6 million to make a bionic person.  Now it costs $50 million.  Wow.


  1. $50 mil?  Is she worth it?

  2. Yes, she is worth it.

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