Posted by: lylescott89 | February 16, 2008

The Girl with Big Boobs in the Elevator

Hey kids,
It has happened again.  Readership is up another 37%.  Thanks to all of you.  I have found that if you use the phrase "big boobs" in your title, you get more hits.  Amazing.
Thus, I will tell you about the girl in the elevator.  Now, most of my loyal readers know I usually take the stairs at work.  After all, I only work on the 2nd floor.  But, one day I was a bit draggy and tired and decided I’d ride.  Well lucky me.  There was a beautiful girl with big boobs in the elevator just waiting to go up to the 4th floor.  And to make the fantasy complete, she was holding a bag and a beverage from McDonalds.  Talk about your fantasy girls!
I am now the owner of a Hooters passport.  I need to visit just 25 Hooters establishments before December 25th and I will win a wing party.  200 wings!  Awesome.  Now Brad, this is where you come in.  Since I will be out your way in the next few months, we will need to scout out and visit all Hooters in the greater Phoenix area.  I have been told by comedian Artie Lange that the Hooters in Tempe is possibly the greatest Hooters in history.  We must dine there.  So, I have one down and 24 to go.  It’ll be a tough job, but I will succeed.
BTW, the new season of Lost is spectacular. 
Thanks to the writers for ending the strike so I will have my shows back soon.  I missed my shows.
To all of you waiting for my annual Oscar predictions, I am sorry, but I have not seen all five nominated films and likely will not get to them all.  It’s been a little hectic lately.  I’ve only seen Juno and it was excellent.  I hope it wins.

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