Posted by: lylescott89 | February 19, 2008

The Healthy Horse

Hey kids,


In honor of our friend Jenks I am drinking a delicious Coca Cola right now.  Not that wimpy diet crap.  Real man’s coke.  So tasty.  Perhaps I will honor Midge as well and make a cell phone call.  Sorry, but I cannot reveal how I know them as this might compromise their anonymity.  We would not want to do that.


I just have to say that Tijuana Flats was very good yesterday, but man did it give me gas.  I even impressed myself.  Can’t wait to return.


I got my test results back from my blood work and the nurse said I was healthy as a horse, which is great since I am the size of a horse as well.


I have been at work all day, so no chance of seeing any attractive women.  Ever.  This place is completely hot babe free.  Sad.  Very sad.


Howie Mandel just creeps me out.  If any readers out there have the ability to watch that crap show of his, please let me know how it is possible to watch that drivel and remain intelligent in any way.


I like dining at The Olive Garden.


I am in the midst of reading the third book in the His Dark Materials trilogy, this one is The Amber Spyglass.   Let me relate a story pertaining to volume II, The Subtle Knife.  I had just returned it to the library and was checking out the next one.  The lady at the counter said that a book I had on hold was being canceled.  I asked what book.   Now, I have the spell this out phonetically for you to understand what this dope said.  She said “The Sub Till Knife”.  Sub till?  SUB TILL?  Are you an adult?  You look to be about 55 or so and you cannot pronounce subtle?  And why in the world do I care if the hold was canceled if I just read and returned it?  Yeesh!


Speaking of yeesh, it is a shame when you try to help the bozos here at work and they act like you are bothering them.  But, I shall continue to make it all better.




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