Posted by: lylescott89 | February 22, 2008

Bob is an idiot

Hey kids,


You remember that idiot I work with named Bob?  He’s the 80 year old idiot that makes the nasty-ass cakes.  There is no reason for an 80 year old man to be working unless he is starring in a remake of Grumpy Old Men.  Anyway, I was told this morning he had “business” to attend to and would not be in until 1:00,  Great.  A Bob-free morning.  Well, the moron showed up at 9:00.  Just a few minutes ago, Mary, another dimwit, asked him what he had for lunch.  Let me share the exchange of this brilliant conversation:


Mary:  What did you have for lunch Bob?


Bob:  A Ba-na-na


Mary:  A banana?


Bob:  Ba-na-na


Mary:  A banana?


Bob:  BA-NA-NA


Mary:  Just a banana?


Bob:  BA-NA-NA


Mary:  Why was that all you ate?


Bob:  I don’t like to waste time at work eating.


It went on and on, but you get the idea.  Bob is an asshole.


I, on the other hand, love to waste time eating.  I had my lunch with loyal reader George today at Hooters.  It was a great lunch.  What made it even better is that George paid.  Thank you George.  George said he paid to thank me for mentioning him in my lacuna.  Anyone out there that would like to buy me lunch, just let me know and I will mention you. 


So, Aaron went home from the island with Kate.  I figured that out during the episode, but Donna did not.  I love it when I figure things like that out.  Why the lies though?  What happened on that island that has Jack & Kate lying?  This is so cool.




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