Posted by: lylescott89 | February 29, 2008

Goodbye Quiznos, it’s been nice.

Hey kids,


It is time for me to say goodbye to the Quiznos on Gulf to Bay Boulevard.  They have honked me off for the last time.  I have been a loyal customer of theirs for at least four years, maybe more.  I have seen a lot of workers come and go there.  They all know me from the second I walk in the door.  They always say hi, but darn it, they do not treat me like the loyal customer I am.  Let’s recap how they have annoyed me, shall we?  First, there was the incident where my sandwich was done, but no one to get it off of the griller thing and put lettuce on it and give it to me.  I was mad.  I wrote a letter with and got no response from anyone.  I stopped going there for three months.  I figured that would show them.  Then came the Apu incident.  We all remember Apu, yes?  I had a coupon for a free large sub, but Apu did not want to let me have a free large sub.  He told me the coupon was for a free large sub, but I had ordered a large sub and could not give it to me for free.  Does that make sense to any of you kids?  Me neither.  It only made sense to Apu.  I got my sub, but only after throwing a fit.  Then came today’s incident.  My beautiful wife was with me.  We both ordered subs and made them a combo with soup and beverage.  I paid, but was thinking the whole time I was overcharged.  They gave her the whopping $1.39 discount for ordering the combo, but not me.  I complained.  The girl at the counter, Yandra, said that I could not get two discounts on one ticket.  I explained that we both ordered combos and that it said any combo for $1.99 (a savings of $1.39).  If a combo costs $1.99 we should both get the discount.  After having this explained to her, Yandra still did not get it.  I asked if we had paid separately if we would both gotten this discount.  Of course, replied Yandra.  I was about ready to bang my head on the wall.  She finally relented as there were other customers waiting.  I got my $1.39 back.  I told her that this was no way to treat a loyal customer.  Yandra said she would not give me that discount in the future if we do the same thing.  We’d have to pay separately.  I told Yandra and the manager on duty, Dalys, that I would not be back.  I got back and immediately wrote a letter of complaint to the Quiznos powers that be, but I do not expect a response.  So, I am done with that particular Quiznos which gives me one less lunch option on Fridays.  Oh well.  I’ll just have to go to Firehouse Subs from now on.





  1. The Apu story is my favorite. 

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