Posted by: lylescott89 | March 3, 2008

The Lost Quiznos Story

Hey kids,


I wanted to share with you the lost Quiznos story.  This one did not make me mad as it was just kind of funny.  I was in line and there was a couple in front of me.  They had both ordered subs and chips to go.  No drinks.  The clown at the register rang them up and handed them their subs and said thank you.  They looked at each other and quickly zipped out the door.  They never paid and the clown at the register never asked them for their money.  So, then the clown rang me up and told me the balance dues was $23.64.  I said that I had no intention of paying for their subs and chips, but would be happy to pay for my own.  The clown looked at the register, expressed an expletive and then deleted the whole order.  He rang me up again and now the total was a much more reasonable $6.19.  I was happy to pay that.


Now, who was the bigger loser?  The clown behind the counter that was running the register or the couple that left without paying? 


Trying to see if there was anything else of interest to tell you this afternoon, but there is not.  So I will leave you now.




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