Posted by: lylescott89 | May 12, 2008

Chop, Chop, Chop, Fire!

Hey Kids,


It was a fun weekend.  Adam and I took Donna out for Mother’s Day dinner to Kobe Japanese Steakhouse.  It was Adam’s idea, but we were all very thrilled with the place.  The food was fantastic.  I had the filet & chicken combo.  I’m telling you the meat was so tender it was unbelievable.  Adam enjoyed watching the chef do his cooking at the table.  That’s always his favorite part.  We will definitely return.


Also seated at our table was what appeared to be four girls straight out of High School Musical.  Based on their conversation, we determined they were juniors.  They said that they were so tired of the seniors and were glad they’d all be leaving soon and they also complained about how annoying the sophomores were.


The best part was the girl seated to my left.  When she looked at the menu she told Sharpay that she only had $20.00 because that was all her mom gave her.  So, she ordered iced tea and salmon.  When the bill came she opened it up and saw the total was $20.22.  She was shocked that she had spent over $20.00!  She borrowed a quarter from Gabriella and left.  Thus she left the waitress (who was way hot and over 18) a fabulous three cent tip.  Nice.


Across from me at the table was a girl with her father and her boyfriend enjoying a lovely dinner.  They were very quiet.  She was in a nice red dress in which her left boob kept falling out.  Sure, she kept adjusting and putting it back in, but lefty just kept making her escape.


I’ve never been a fan at all of Kid Rock, but I’ll have to admit that I really like his new song.  In All Summer Long, he samples both Werewolves of London and Sweet Home Alabama.  Admittedly, it sounds like a really bad idea, but it works and it works really well.  Take a listen and thank me later.




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