Posted by: lylescott89 | June 5, 2008

We’re Not in Arizona Any More

Hey kids,


We’ve been back a week now from our journey out west and I have to say that I miss it immensely.  I really enjoy Arizona.  We had a lovely time and a lot of fun.  We stayed with Brad & Mary for the time we were in Phoenix and at a Radisson on route 66 when we visited Flagstaff and northern Arizona.  Thanks again to Brad & Mary for their hospitality.  They are the best houseguests and also the best hosts.


It was cold in Flagstaff.  We had about four inches of snow one day and some light snow on the other days.   It was very nice.  One day we reached a glorious high of 39 degrees.


We took the train to the Grand Canyon and that was really cool.  Very relaxing to let someone else do all the driving.  See what it was like at if you’d like.  We also saw something unusual on the way back from the canyon.  A pink stove sitting in the woods on a hill at mile marker 52.  It’s a great mystery as no one knows why it is there or even how it got there.  There are no roads in that area and the train does not stop there.  The people that worked on the train said they noticed it one day and now point it out for all the tourists.  We went by too fast for photos.


What can I say about the Grand Canyon that has not already been said?  I thought it was really cool.  It was quite chilly when we were there as well.  It snowed and I think the temperature was in the forties, but nonetheless it was magnificent.  At some points it was quite strange as it looked like a painting.  It just did not seem real.  I’d like to go back in slightly warmer weather sans Adam and take some of the hiking trails down in the canyon.  I’ll skip the mule ride.


We also saw some really big elk at the canyon.  That was fun.  And when we went out north of Flagstaff to the Waputki National Monument, we saw a really big antelope.  We were the only car in the area and he was coming right towards us.  I slowed down; he stopped and then ran away.  If you are at all interested in Waputki, you can visit for more info.  We also visited Sunset Crater Volcano,, and Walnut Canyon National Monument .


Aside from this, I took Adam to an exciting day at Amazing Jakes in Mesa.  Visit for info.  Jakes is like Chuck E Cheese on steroids.  It was not too awful busy and Adam had a great time.  He played laser tag twice, did all the kiddie rides, rode the go carts with cousin Nicholas and played numerous video games. 


We also ate a lot of yummy food on the trip, which is always the best part of any vacation.  We had some really good pizza at this place in Williams, AZ.  But, then we found that Williams was the kind of place that gets a little scary after dark and we quickly skedaddled. 


That’s vacation in a nutshell kids.  If you want to know more, just ask.


Also, we are playing a game this week and all weeks through the summer.  It is called “where should Lyle eat lunch on Friday”.  Please send your suggestions and each week I’ll let you know where I went and how it was.  Remember, Quiznos is off limits.





  1. Panera never gets a fair shake when I play this game with you . . . but I will try again.  Go eat at Panera’s.

  2. The problem with Panera is that it is generally packed at lunch.  However, I will give it a try.

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