Posted by: lylescott89 | June 30, 2008

My Dinner with Melissa

Hey kids,


I have to tell you all about the wonderful dinner I had on Friday night.  My friend Melissa was visiting from Indiana along with her son Willie.  They were joined by Willie’s friend Preston and Joanne, Melissa’s mother.  Adam and I met them in Tampa at the California Pizza Kitchen, or CPK for short.  Aside from Adam needing to make four trips to the bathroom, it went very well.


Melissa and her family had just spent a grueling day in the sweltering heat at Busch Gardens.  Willie and Preston seemed to have fun at BG, but Melissa and Joanne were exhausted and who could blame them.  They said the staff was clueless, it was loud, crowded, hot, and it was hard to get anywhere.  Well, BG is a poorly designed park, but there is a reason for that.  It was never designed to be as big as it has gotten.  Planners in the 60’s had no idea what the park would become and as it grew pieces have been stuck together here and there thus creating a mess.  I am not big on BG either and have not been there since 2003.


Willie and Preston said they rode Shakira.  I think they meant the roller coaster and not the musician from Columbia, which in my opinion would be a much better ride.  They showed me a pass they purchased for $25.00 that let them jump the line.  I guess it is BG’s version of fastpass, but it costs extra instead of being included with your ticket.  I don’t get that. 


I used to hate the CPK, but now I like it again.  Their menu is much better than it used to be for one and I do not go there very often for another.  I think their quality has increased as well.  The Chipotle Chicken pizza is outstanding.  It has replaced the BLT pie as my favorite.


Anyway, we had a wonderful dinner and wonderful conversation.  When Adam and I got home, it was movie night.  I had told him he could stay up as late as he wanted and we could watch a movie of his choice.  He chose Beauty and the Beast and we had a really nice time watching it.  By the time it was over, he was close to being out of it.  About five minutes after it was over, he was asleep.  It doesn’t get much better than that.


Hooters 25 update:  I now have 14 of 25 stamps.  Only 11 to go!




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