Posted by: lylescott89 | July 2, 2008

Do the Dew

Hey kids,


In the building where I work there is a deli on the first floor.  Now, I do not frequent this deli for a couple of reasons.  Number one, they are a bit pricey and the portions are small.  Number two, I have never liked any of the owners.  Since 2002, this deli has had four owners.  The current owners have had the place for over a year now and my guess is that they will be gone in a matter of weeks.  The place is a money pit.  It is not popular and mostly all they sell are sodas and coffee.  They have a big greeting card selection as well and that looks to be untouched.


In any case, one of the guys that runs it is a rather large guy and kind of dopey looking.  No, it is not me.  Anyway, I see him out my window all the time and he wears a Mountain Dew shirt every day that says “Do the Dew”.  This bothers me a lot.  I mean, does he have a whole closet full of these shirts or is he wearing the same exact shirt day after day?  And if he is wearing the same shirt every day, is he washing the darned thing?  It’s just so gross.


If you knew the guy in the deli was wearing the same shirt every day, would you eat there?  He has to have other shirts.  It’s just not possible that this is the only shirt he owns.  Is it?


I asked Adam the other day where he thought we should take mommy for her birthday dinner.  He said “Hooters or Smokey Bones or Old McDonald’s or Hooters”.  That’s my boy.




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