Posted by: lylescott89 | August 5, 2008

What Merlin should do with Busch

Hey kids,


There has been a lot of complaining going around about the recent purchase of Anheuser-Busch by Inbev.  To which I ask the question – why?  Who cares?  Why would this be a matter of national importance?  You are still going to be able to buy the same beer at probably the same price at the same place you always have and it will taste exactly the same.  This should not be an issue people.  It doesn’t matter.  But, Inbev could not care less about the theme parks the A-owns.  I saw in the paper that a company called Merlin was considering buying the parks.  Great for Merlin!  So, I am writing an open letter to you Merlin.  I am going to tell you what you need to do with Busch Gardens in Tampa.


First, sell all the animals to zoos across the country.  Get rid of them all and make sure they are all properly cared for wherever they are going.  This must be your first priority.  Second, dismantle all the rides and take the ones you want to your other amusement parks around the world.  If there are any you do not want you can sell those to the highest bidder.  The rides can be transported and rebuilt wherever you would like them to go.  Third, sell off anything you can.  Have a garage sale if you must, but get rid of everything humanly possible.  Fourth, get a bulldozer and start clearing the grounds.   Flatten them out and get ready to build something big.


Now Merlin, this is what you are going to build on that large tract of land:  a new state of the art 40,000 seat ballpark for the Rays with a retractable roof.  A huge parking area and a boardwalk area full of all sorts of shops, restaurants and a state of the art movie theatre.  Turn this into a destination for the baseball fan.  Make them want to come and never leave.  Turn this into a place that MLB will be begging to have their next All Star Game, no matter how dull that is.  Think of the impact on the economy this will bring.  Think about it Merlin.  It is time.





  1. I think I need to comment on this after my trip to BG on Monday.  I have not been to BG since 1990.  At that time bulldozing it would have been a fantastic idea.  I’ll get back to this next Tuesday.

  2. You should consider sending this information to Merlin. Perhaps they are looking for feedback.

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