Posted by: lylescott89 | December 17, 2008

E-Mail from Hooters

Hey kids,


I was opening my e-mail last night and saw that I had one from Hooters.  Now, that is no surprise since I am on their mailing list.  It was a reminder for me to come in 12/26 for the last chance of the year to win some money in their scratch off contest.  What was a surprise was the beautiful Hooters girl that graced the e-mail.  Yes, it was the lovely and talented Serina Snelling.  What a wonderful surprise it was to find a picture of Serina in my inbox.  I cannot delete it.


Speaking of Serina, I think we all know by now that she has graciously offered to send me a copy of the Hooters Magazine with her in the sexy Santa outfit on the cover.  I have not received it yet, but when I do I will take a photo of it for all of my fans to see.  I know you are as anxious to see this as I am.  Every day I eagerly wait for the mail to arrive.  I will let you know as soon as it is delivered.


I am trying to figure out why Sirius is not starting their Chanukah station until the 21st.  I mean, they started the Christmas stations in November so why wait until Chanukah starts to play the music?  I want to hear it now.  They have said they have over 135 songs to play and since I can only think of four, I am anxious to hear them.  I’ll let you know next week.




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