Posted by: lylescott89 | January 30, 2009

Friday at Hooters

Hey kids,


I met a man today.  I don’t know his name and I doubt I will ever see him again.   I met his wife too.  They were both very nice people just sitting down for a delicious lunch at Hooters.  They were sat at the table next to me and I knew I had to speak with them.  Why?  Well, I will tell you.  Hooters was quite busy today.  A lot of the people there were all decked out and ready for the Super Bowl on Sunday.  I was surrounded by fans wearing the colors of the Steelers.  My new friend and his wife came in wearing Cardinals gear.  They stood out like a sore thumb.  So, I spoke to them and said it was nice to see them in there.  He told me that they were from Prescott, AZ and have been Cardinals season ticket holders since the Cards first moved from St Louis to the Phoenix area.  They said they have seen a lot of really bad football over the past 20 years, but stood by their team.  He said no matter what is cost them there was no way they were going to miss this game.  They had gotten lucky enough to win the lottery of season ticket holders for the opportunity to purchase tickets.  They arrived last night and were out exploring the area and just had to go to the Original Hooters.  My kind of people!  I told them that I really enjoy visiting Arizona and that we have family there.  I told him about how Aunt Betty was speaking to Donna yesterday and wanted to make sure I was rooting for the Cardinals.  Donna told her yes, of course.  I generally will root for the underdog in big games.  It’s always fun to see the big guy on the block get knocked off.  I said that every team deserves to win the Super Bowl at least once.  He told me he remembers when the Steelers and Cards were two of the worst teams in the NFL.  He was right.  From the time Pittsburgh received an expansion team in 1933 until 1970 they were the laughingstock of the league and so were the Cards.  Most Steelers fans do not even realize that.  The Cardinals are the oldest team in the NFL and have had virtually no success until now, except for that 1947 NFL Championship.  We talked about the two cities and I told him I would probably enjoy living in the Phoenix area, but would never live in a cold place like Pittsburgh.  He agreed.  Anyway, I told them I hope they enjoyed their visit and the game and wished them well.  I told them “Go Cardinals!” and then had to leave.  Now, I have no crystal ball and have no idea if the Cards can pull the upset, but for my new friends sake I sure hope they do.  A man his age may never get another chance to see his team win.  Besides, Pittsburgh does not have cheerleaders.  Sacrilege! 


On a final note today, when I was leaving there was another group of Cardinals fans coming in the door and another car with Cards gear pulling into the parking lot.  The old guy was not going to be alone any longer.





  1. What a lovely story. You should publish your amusing vignettes. "Amusing Vignettes by Lyle" I would buy the book.

  2. Great story, Lyle, quite interesting. Living here where there a lot of Pittsburgh Fans is not fun. I am really not a fan of Pittsburgh at all. Unless when they play Dallas. LOL

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