Posted by: lylescott89 | April 24, 2009

Some Thoughts on Survivor

Hey kids,


Did you watch Survivor last night?  Well, if you did not I should warn you now that this blog entry contains spoilers, so you may want to watch before you read.  Capiche?


It is my belief that all episodes of Survivor from now until the end of time should start with Coach doing his stretches and martial arts moves in the water.  I do not care if Coach is no longer a contestant, they should bring him along and just have him stand out in the water doing his thing.  It’s hilarious.  This should always be followed by allowing him to talk which will undoubtedly bring about some really moronic comments.  I really enjoyed last night’s proclamation that he could bench press 300 lbs.  Yeah, sure you can Coach.  And I am the king of Peru where you were attacked by the dwarfs. 


The thing about Coach is just cannot keep it straight in his head who he wants to be.  He has referred to himself as The Dragon Slayer, The Chosen One and now The Ravenous Wolf.  Please Coach, I am begging you to make up your mind. 


Coach also mentioned last night that he was the only one in the game that has never lied to anyone.  Well, that’s a flat out lie.  He lied to Brendan just last week about voting off JT.  He has also lied about how much he can bench press and rafting down the Amazon while being stalked by little people.


Last night’s episode was great for so many reasons, but let me talk about Sierra for just a moment.  I applaud her for trying anything she could think of to stay in the game, but she really just needed to keep quiet and go about her business instead of all the begging and whining.  It was not very becoming of her.  In fact, if I was in that situation I would have just said screw you to everyone and just moved on.  They were all treating her like crap so why bother with them.  However, she did not and for that I must give her props.


I was particularly pleased to see Coach once again lose in the challenge.  He talks such a big game, but he never wins.  He’s such a loser.  I also could not understand why he chose to eat pizza instead of participating in the immunity challenge.  If he is such a big time competitor he should be competing, correct?  Regardless of whether or not he felt secure he should have been sliding his little pucks with the rest of them if he is such a ravenous wolf.   


Tribal council was a classic.  Tyson proved he was just one cocky jerk once again by proclaiming how he liked everyone there except Sierra.  He is just rude and obnoxious.  I liked how Jeff confronted Coach’s need to battle like a warrior and then questioned why he would vote off Brendan.  He has seemingly had a vendetta against Brando for a long time.  I was reminded this morning how the tribe all felt Brendan was a better leader and obviously Coach was never able to come to grips with that.


So, when the votes were read I was sure that Sierra was gone, but somehow the tables turned.  Sierra was obviously not in on the power play and seemed as shocked as Tyson was to see his name on so many ballots.  The look on Tyson’s face was priceless as was the look that Coach gave as well.  It was the right move though.  Why keep someone who is such an obvious threat to win physical challenges and vote out the weak lamb Sierra?  Tyson had to go and I will not miss him.  He was a mean person and I did not like him.


What will happen next?  Well, if the girls were smart they would band together and pick off the guys one by one.  Four ladies left and three men.  Seems like a no-brainer to me.  If they could do so, they should get rid of the biggest threat first, which would be JT, followed by Coach and then Stephen.  If Coach were to approach Sierra and suggest an alliance she should say no.  Oh my this is shaping up to be a super exciting season and we will most certainly have a fantastic finale coming up soon.  I can’t wait.




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