Posted by: lylescott89 | July 16, 2009

Anniversary Trip Part 2: On to Amelia Island

Hey kids,


Before I get started on part 2 of the trip, I need to mention that I had the bangers & mash with beef stew at the Irish Pub in Orlando.  I have had a number of requests from loyal readers asking what I specifically had.  So, there you go.


So, on Tuesday morning we started on our journey to Amelia Island.  It was, according to my AAA triptik, a three hour and one minute drive.  We started around 10:00 AM or so and had a few planned stops along the way.  We needed to stop at Kohl’s to look for some pants for me, to Target to return some shorts that Donna had bought me that I did not like and I needed to find a specific t-shirt.  Luckily, all these places were in the same area.  The pants and shirts are not much of a story, but let me tell you about the t-shirt.


Back in 1995, the Orlando Magic won the NBA Eastern Conference Championship.  They did so again in 2009.  Both times they lost in the finals, but that’s part of the game and they still achieved some sort of championship.  In 1995 I wanted to get a t-shirt, but since we were living in Naples, they were not so plentiful and quickly sold out.  This year, I searched around town for one I liked and all I could find were ones not in my size or designs I did not care for.  I figured since we would be in Orlando I could find one there.  Between Kohl’s, Target and The Sports Authority I thought I’d find one.  Wrong!  Even though the Sports Authority had a huge banner outside saying that they had complete NBA Finals merchandise, they had nothing left.  I was too late.  All gone.  Failure in 1995 and again in 2009.  I was not deterred though because I knew I could go to and order one, which I did, but it was a little disappointing not having one to wear on the island.  I have my shirt now and am quite happy with it. 


Onward we drove towards Amelia.  It was about 11:00 or so now and we figured we’d stop in Daytona for lunch.  However, when we got to Daytona we were not yet hungry.  We continued along our merry way.  Soon my tummy began grumbling and it was time to find a place for lunch.  We did not want the standard road food.  No McDonalds or Wendy’s for us on this day.  We wanted to sit and have something different.  We had been getting close to Flagler Beach and saw a sign listing several dining options.  Figuring we could find something we liked, we went ahead and took the exit. 


We saw a small Italian place and went it.  It was not crowded and there seemed to be just one guy working there.  I ordered something called the sausage roll.  I was not expecting what I got served.  It was much like a Stromboli and it was huge.  It was hanging off the edge of the plate.  I will also say that it was absolutely delicious.  I loved it.     


After lunch we hit the road again.  Nothing real exciting about the rest of the drive to write about.  It was just kind of long and dull.  As most of you know I am not a big fan of the road trip.  I do not like being in the car for more than an hour or two because I get tired and bored and go stir crazy.  Part of the reason I guess is being tall and not fitting comfortably and not being able to stretch out my legs.



But, before we knew it we were in Jacksonville and then shortly after we were crossing the bridge to Amelia Island.  We stayed at a nice bed & breakfast in the historic district.  It was called the Addison on Amelia and it was quite charming.  When we arrived we were greeted by the owners, Bob & Shannon and quickly given the nickel tour.  We were taken to room number 3 where we would be relaxing for the next few days.  Bob informed us that they had happy hour at 5:00 with free snacks & beverages.  We said we’d be there. 


After unpacking the car and exploring our very large room and the private balcony, it was 5:00 and time for some snacks.  We were served cokes and a delicious bruschetta and had some time to chat with Bob and with another couple staying there.  I cannot recall their names, but they were from Georgia and were quite nice.  No one else came down to happy hour and I was a bit disappointed, but then Bob informed me that there was only one other couple there at that time and they had been down for happy hour every other night of their stay, but were out somewhere today.  No problem as we talked with the Georgia people and looked through Bob’s big book of menus to find a nice place for supper.  For such a small island, they have an inordinate amount of dining choices.


Where did we have dinner?  Find out in part 3.





  1. leaving us hanging again…Darn!

  2. Have you every considered buying a larger car? You have always had such small vehicles.

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