Posted by: lylescott89 | July 23, 2009

Anniversary Trip Part 4: The Bike Ride to Fort Clinch

Hey kids,


Please remember that you can see all of my photos from this trip at  So if you have a desire to see bunnies having tea or any other aspects of Amelia Island that is the place to be.  Now, on to our next chapter.


Wednesday morning we awoke to the aroma of coffee working its way through the house.  It smelled so good.  We quickly made our way downstairs to breakfast where we were given the choice of dining indoors or out.  We chose indoors.  Coffee and juice were plentiful.  Bob made sure that cups were kept full.  We were served breakfast in a boat that morning.  Now, that intrigued me and for good reason.  I’ve eaten breakfast on a boat before, but had never been served one with an edible boat.  Essentially it was eggs and bacon and cheese served in a potato skin with a side of salsa.  Very tasty indeed.


After breakfast we thought it would be fun to ride some bikes down to the beach, snap some photos and visit Fort Clinch State Park.  If we had been a little more intelligent and realized that the heat index was over 110 degrees we would have chosen to drive.  But, we took the bikes and in a matter of minutes I was soaking wet with sweat.  It was not a long bike ride to the beach at all, but it seemed very long since it was blazingly hot.  As we were headed down there we passed a house that had its sprinklers going, so I slowed down and drove right through them.  I was already soaked, so it was not a big deal getting more wet, but at least it was cool water.  We were wise enough to take water with us, but it did not last long.  Soon enough though, we arrived at the beach.  Beautiful beach.  We locked up the bikes and walked along the beach for a bit before I had to sit and rest.  Did I mention it was hot?


After walking along the beach for about 30 minutes or so, we started on our way to the fort.  We passed it on the way to the beach so I knew it was not far, only a block away.  We rode in and stopped at the ranger’s stand.  It was a dollar each to go in on bike.  We started our ride back to the fort.  I thought it was pretty close to the road and I was wrong.  It was about a mile and a half ride back to the fort.  Oh my gosh!  I did not know there was any way possible to be that soaking wet from sweat.  The ride was eternal.  It just did not end.  Well, that is not quite true.  It finally ended when we arrived at the fort.  Well, not really the fort, but rather the little museum and the welcome center we you paid a buck and a half to go see the fort.  It was air conditioned inside so I collapsed on a bench.  The nice park ranger lady there was kind enough to bring me some towels to attempt to dry myself off.  It was much like trying to dry off while standing in the ocean, but it was a nice thought.  They had cold drinks there and I had to have one.  Knowing that every bit of water had already escaped from my massive body, I decided to go with a PowerAde in the hope of increasing electrolytes and quenching thirst.  As it turns out, someone neglected to get their change earlier and there was 50 cents just waiting for me.  I added 50 cents of my own and voila, instant refreshment.  As I slowly drank it I knew I made the right decision.


Twenty or so minutes later after relaxing in the cool air, we ventured forth toward the fort.  It was probably a five minute walk or less to the fort, but again it seemed much longer in the heat of the morning.  The fort was really cool.  Fort Clinch was built as a fort during the Civil War and there were cannons and all kinds of such to see.  I think I snapped some good photos of it if I do say so myself.  We went into some of the quarters and such and I was amazed at how it could have been possible to live like that.  There was no air movement and obviously the fort was not air conditioned.  The bathroom was basically a wooden plank with a hole in the middle.  I can imagine the splinters.  After about an hour of exploring the fort, we moved on.  It was time to ride back to the B&B.  That did not sound like fun, but it was not so bad except for the big hill we had to go up.  Overall, it was a quick journey back. 


We arrived at the B&B and once again I was soaked and could not wait to get cleaned up.  We returned the bikes and I collapsed into an ice cold tub.  I believe I took a short nap in the tub, but I cannot verify that.  It would not surprise me if I had since I often fall asleep in the shower.  I put my wet clothes outside on the deck to dry and put on dry clothes right out of the closet.  By this time it was after 1:00 PM and we were very hungry.  We were unsure as to where to eat lunch, but there was a place I was thinking of about three blocks down the street.  I knew parking would be a problem downtown, so a slow walk was in order.  Don’t worry, I did not get all sweaty again. 


There is a lot to tell about lunch and the rest of that day and I am very sorry kids, but I am going to have to leave you hanging once again.  Hang in there and stay tuned for the next installment.




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