Posted by: lylescott89 | July 24, 2009

Anniversary Trip Part 5: 29 South

Hey kids,


Now, where was I?  Oh yes, we were headed to lunch after a very hot and sweaty morning.  I do not recall the place we intended to eat at, but when we arrived we saw that all they had was outdoor seating.  Now after all that I went through so far on this day, there was no way I was going to be sitting outside to eat.  I wanted to be inside a nice cool place.  A few steps away was a place called 29 South.  We looked at the menu outside and it sounded pretty good, so we went inside.  Turns out we were pretty lucky too as we arrived shortly before they closed for the afternoon.  I think they closed at 2:30 and re-opened at 5:30 for dinner. 


We were greeted by a very nice waiter and I asked him about the corned beef sandwich.  He said it was one of his favorites and added that they cure the meat right there which makes it the best corned beef on the island.  Sold, I said!  Donna initially ordered the barbecued cobb salad, but they were out of the meat.  So she ordered the grouper, which I understand is a fish and I would not touch with a 39 & ½ foot pole.  I apologize for not being able to recall our waiter’s name, but for the sake of argument today and to make it a little easier than calling him “the waiter” let’s call him Lenny. 


I was still very thirsty from my ride and I explained this to Lenny.  He obliged by keeping my glass full.  I was never with out a cold beverage on this day.  Soon, my corned beef sandwich and fries arrived.  The sandwich was still very hot, so I dug right into the French fries.  The fries were some of the best fries I have ever had.  There was no mistake, these fries were made from the finest potatoes and were deep fried and salted to perfection.  I’ve now had dreams about these fries.  The French fries more than made up for the ones I missed out on just two days earlier.  I am not a big ketchup fan to begin with, but if ketchup was added to these fries it would have ruined them. 


Now, it was time for a bite of the sandwich.  Pure, salted cured meat delight.  I’ve always believed that pastrami was the most sensual of all the salted cured meats, but I was now a believer that the corned beef prepared by Chef Schwartz was now the winner.  I was hesitant to give Donna a bite of my sandwich, but I did because I am such a wonderful husband.  I did insist on it being a small bite, however.  After all, there was no way I was taking a bite out of the grouper sandwich. 


Lenny returned and asked how we were doing and I responded that everything was great.  It was a fantastic lunch.  Lenny offered dessert, but we were too full.  They had some intriguing desserts, but we had to pass.  We left shortly thereafter and slowly walked back to the B&B.  We met up with Shannon downstairs and we told her about our fantastic lunch.  Bob had previously told us that we were entitled to a free dinner on Friday night at the B&B since we were staying for four nights.  Shannon asked me what time we wanted to dine.  I told her any time between 6:30 & 7:00 would be great.  She put us down and asked me if I had any requests to give to the chef.  I recalled earlier that she said he made the best French onion soup, so I asked if he could make that.  Shannon said she did all the shopping so she would buy all the stuff and tell him to make it.  My Friday night dinner was set:  French onion soup followed by filet mignon and something chocolate for dessert.  Shannon mentioned that the chef at the B&B was dating her daughter and they were recently engaged.  How wonderful I thought at the time, but as we will learn, this ultimately turned out to be a very bad thing. 


It was time to do some reading followed by a refreshing nap.  What a day this had become and there was still more left to do.  What happened after the nap?  Stay tuned.




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