Posted by: lylescott89 | July 27, 2009

Anniversary Trip Part 6: Here’s Boomer!

Hey kids,
After the nap we headed downstairs for happy hour with Bob.  Tonight there was a spinach artichoke dip with crackers & such.  Very, very tasty as usual.  Bob had told us the night before that a wedding party would be checking in to the B&B starting on Wednesday.  So, instead of just four of us enjoying happy hour with Bob, there were a few more.  The bride was a widow and my guess is she was probably in her 60’s.  Her name was Kathy and she was soon to marry Jim, a widower.  For whatever reason, Kathy took an instant liking to me.  It really should have come as no surprise since I have always been popular with older women.  (Remind me to tell you the story of the ladies behind me in line for Harry Potter last week)  Anyway, Kathy just talked and talked with me until basically she was exhausted.  She told me all about the wedding, introduced me to her brothers and sisters and their husbands, told me all about her kids, etc.  Jim was very quiet.  He was as only child and I could see that this whole family thing was more than a tad overwhelming to him.  Nevertheless, they seemed quite happy with one another and I do hope they are doing okay. 
Kathy was very interested in what we had done so far on the island and I was happy to tell her.  She wanted to know where to eat, what to do, where to shop and if we would be there long enough to attend her wedding.  Luckily we were leaving on Saturday morning and the wedding was at 5:00.  I actually found Kathy to be most entertaining and her brother was a real treat himself.  Actually, the whole family was rather pleasant and we did enjoy meeting them all.  Kathy and her family would be seen by us at the B&B, at breakfast and all around town for the next few days.  We could not avoid them.  Small island life I guess.
What intrigued Kathy the most, besides my Jewish nose, was the carriage ride we were taking at 6:00.  We had to leave a few minutes early from happy hour to get ready.  Bob even gave us a tip (carrots) for the horse.  We got ready and looked out the window and there was the carriage waiting for us.  The driver was Cindy and the horse was Boomer.  Now, Boomer knew we had a tip for him and he refused to do anything until he got his tip.  Donna dropped a carrot and I swear Boomer gave her a dirty look.  She picked it up for him, but still.  Boomer then took a shining to Donna.  He just knew that she had more carrots.  You see, when I finished feeding him I showed him my empty hands and said no more carrots.  Donna did not and thus Boomer would not let it go.  He kept nuzzling up to her and cuddling here and getting his face in the pictures that Cindy was trying to take.  I told her to show him your hands and say no more.  She did and then Boomer finally stopped. 
We hopped on and went for our ride.  Cindy barely had to do a thing as Boomer had probably done this so many times he could do it in his sleep.  Cindy showed us a lot of really fancy and fine homes.  She told us stories, shared trivia and pointed out odd and different things in the area that one would probably never have noticed.  She was well versed in the history of the island.  But, her favorite thing to discuss was ghosts.  She asked if either of us had ever seen a ghost and Donna looked at her as if she were insane.  Of course, I jumped right in and said yes, I have seen a ghost.  Her eyes lit up.  She had found a kindred spirit, so to speak.  She wanted to hear my story.  So, I told her when I was about nine or 10 years old I was lying in my bed unable to sleep.  Suddenly I heard something from around the corner.  I figured it was my dad checking on me.  But, what I saw coming around the corner was an apparition that looked like a wizard.  Yes, a true blue Merlin looking dude in a pointy hat and robe and he was carrying a crystal ball.  He was saying something, but I could not understand him.  Then, the crystal ball slipped from his hands and then I could clearly understand him say "oh shit" and then the ball crashed to the ground making a loud noise.  Just like that, the ghost was gone.    As far as I am concerned, I was dreaming.  Cindy, however, believed the whole thing and said there must of been something important the wizard needed me to know.  Just great.  I am supposed to get an important message from the great beyond and they send a clumsy, unintelligible wizard.  That’s my luck in a nutshell.
After the ride, which lasted about an hour, Cindy dropped us off at Arte Pizza.  Supposedly this was the best pizza on the island.  Well, the salad was great and so was the bread, but the pizza was a tad bit on the bland side.  The crust was good, but the sauce was lacking in flavor.  We still ate it all up and then headed back to the B&B.  Sorry there was not more to tell about Arte Pizza.  Oh, you had to walk through the kitchen to get to the bathroom.  Some sort of health violation I think, but whatever.
Once back at the B&B we settled in with some cold drinks and again listened to the approaching storm.  Another howler that night.  So, we put The House Bunny in the DVD player and enjoyed another quiet evening.  So relaxing.
Thursday was waiting for us in the morning and along with it, another breakfast and who knows what else.  Stay tuned.

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