Posted by: lylescott89 | July 28, 2009

Annivesary Trip Part 7: The end of the filet as we knew it

Hey kids,
The next morning we slept in a little later than the last.  That was becoming a trend now.  I love sleep.  We went down and were served another delicious breakfast.  It was Thursday and we were served waffles with strawberries.  I was asked if I wanted bacon or sausage.  I just stared at Bob and he knew I wanted both.  Yummy. 
Kathy and Jim arrived as we ate and asked all about the carriage ride.  We told them the story and they decided they would go on one after they got married.  How very cliche.  Kathy said they were meeting with the photographer that morning and were going all about town taking pictures.  Fun times. 
After breakfast, I saw the chef.  Let’s call him Greg.  Greg was very, very nice.  I introduced myself and told him I was looking forward to dinner on Friday night.  I also added how excited I was about the French onion soup.  Greg assured me that it would be the best soup ever and asked me how I wanted my filet prepared.  I told him medium rare and he gave me a big smile.  He said he hates cooking meat past that stage.  I was giddy at this point.  I could hardly wait until Friday night. 
Back upstairs I went.  We had no plans for the morning, but had decided to go see Up in the afternoon.  There was now a dilemma.  I found that there was a theatre on the island, but it was old and did not have stadium seating.  Unacceptable I protested.  I found another theatre about 23 miles or so away that had exactly what I wanted.  Plus there was a restaurant right by there that I wanted to try.  Perfect!  We would leave about 11:30 AM and then have lunch followed by the movie.  Well, you know what they say about making plans?  Soon after the plans were settled we spoke with Adam.  Aunt Lynda was supposed to take him and Emily to see Up that same afternoon, but Adam refused to go.  He wanted to go with mommy & daddy.  He would not budge on this either.  So, after some deliberation and a few tears, we told him we would take him on Sunday afternoon.  The plans flew right out the window.
I still wanted to see a movie, so we chose The Taking of Pelham 123.  It was a remake of a 70’s film that starred Walter Matthau and Robert Shaw.  I had seen the original a few times and was interested in seeing a new interpretation of the story.  I said that I would go to the theatre on the island and forgo the stadium seating this once.  I was okay with the decision, but now we had to find a new place for lunch. 
We found a lunch spot about a block away from the B&B called the FernanDeli.  Fernadina Beach Delicatessan.  FernanDeli.  Get it?  Okay, it was really small and only two guys working there.  It took a long tome to get my Italian sub, but was it ever worth the wait.  Delicious!  As we arrived there we saw Greg the Chef waiting for something.  He was bringing an Italian sub back to his lovely fiance.  Greg said they had been dating for about three years and said they were working on theor wedding plans.  Soon, his sub was ready and off he went for a quick run in the rain to deliver her the sub and get to work on tonight’s appetizers. 
After lunch, we walked back to our car and drove off to the theatre.  It was not far, but certainly too far to walk.  The theatre was old.  It had been a single theatre at one time and looked like it was built in the 70’s and had an addition put on sometime in the 80’s.  All the screens were digital projections and all had dolby digital sound.  State of the art except for the seating.  The seats were newer, but not stadium seating.  Luckily, the theatres were built prior to the sloping theatre craze of the late 80’s and all seats seemed to be very good.  It was also good that there were only about a dozen people watching this matinee so no one was in the way.  That said, I liked the movie.  Lots of action, some laughs, some explosions and such.  Just about everything you’d want in a movie except bare breasts.  All R rated films should be required to have some hot 20 year old swimsuit model without her top on.  But, I digress. 
We drve back to the B&B for a little rest prior to happy hour.  Not much of a rest, but a rest nonetheless.  As we went downstairs wondering what delight waited for us, I saw Greg walking out the door and down the street.  His work was done for the day and he was headed home for some well deserved rest as he prepared to make our Friday night feast.  We sat down and had some snacks and drinks when Bob came out to join us.  Thus far this week we had learned that Bob had a great sense of humor.  He was in a somewhat jovial mood as always and he said something that I thought was a joke.  "Well, we are not going to serve dinner on Friday night."  I knew he was kidding.  He had a full house for Friday.  Kathy and Jim were having their rehearsal dinner there.  I laughed.  Bob said he was not joking.  I said "what?"  Greg and my daughter just broke up.  Shannon is in there consoling her.  Greg has quit.  WHAT?!?!?!?  I started palpatating.  What about my dinner?  What about me?  It was at this point tha Donna hit me and said that this was not about me, it was about them and we should be sympathetic to their breakup.  "Get him back here now.  I can help them patch things up." I shouted, but to no avail.  Bob said that he would pay for our Friday night dinner at any restaurant of our choosing.  That’s nice, but what about my soup?  My filet?  Those potatoes he was going to make with the special seasoning?  Greg, I need you.  It was too late.  It was all over.  Just a few hours earlier he was buying her lunch and talking about wedding plans.  Now, it was over.  No engagement, no wedding and most importantly no soup and no filet.  I’m getting depressed writing about it.
I cannot go on kids.  I’ll have to condense the evening for you now.  We went to an Irish Pub for dinner and I had the Shephard’s Pie.  It was very good.  Then we went back to the ice cream place so I could get anonother cone to cheer me up, but the hottie with the low cut top had the night off.  Still, the ice cream was delicious yet again. 
We retired back to the room and watched a few episodes of Firefly and then off to sleep.  What would breakfas be like in the morning without Greg?  Where would we go on Friday night?  What about Kathy’s rehearsal dinner?  Could they find a place on such short notice?  The answers to these questions and more are coming soon.


  1. Boooo GREG! He is a pig!

  2. Seriously, why are you working for the state?

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