Posted by: lylescott89 | August 12, 2009

Anniversary Trip Part 10: Time to go home

Hey kids,


Saturday morning had arrived.  The smell of coffee lofted through the air along with another smell that was a bit sweeter.  What could it be?  What was it?  It would not be long before we found out, but first we had to pretty much get everything packed up and ready to go.  Once the bags were packed we set them aside and headed down for breakfast.  We were served French toast made from a big-ass croissant and fruit.  I dumped a bunch of maple syrup on mine and dug right in.  So yummy I could not believe it.  Shannon had taken over the cooking and apparently she was very good at making breakfast.


This was also the first morning we were not able to sit in our regular seats at breakfast.  All week long we had enjoyed breakfast at the main table in the same seats.  But today there were others occupying those seats.  I was kind of annoyed, but got over it quickly. 


Kathy & Jim were there and they were not overly impressed with the food at the rehearsal dinner on Friday night.  Greg’s selfishness had hurt so many in such a short time.  Why are these guys so afraid of a commitment?  I just have no respect for guys that string a girl along for years and refuse to make a commitment to them.  Very rude.


Anyway, we said our goodbyes to our new found friends and started heading back upstairs for our stuff.  Kathy asked for our address so she could send us a wedding photo so we supplied that for her.  To date we still have not received any photo from her, but as you all know it takes forever sometimes to get a digital photo printed.


As I dragged our luggage down the stairs, I was stopped by this clown wearing an Ohio State hat & t-shirt.  He was there for the wedding, but I had no idea how he was related to Kathy.  I smiled at him as I was wearing a Florida Gators shirt.  I was sure he was stopping me to complain as I am sure he was still bitter about Florida smashing the crap out of Ohio State for the BCS National Championship a couple of years ago and then beating the crap out of their basketball team for the NCAA Men’s Championship a few months later.  I was relishing the opportunity to gloat, but I chose not too mostly because I was carrying luggage and really wanted to go.  Plus, I was hot and cranky about the idea of not getting a glorious breakfast every morning.  He just wanted to chat college football since he assumed I was a fan as well.  We talked for a while and then I excused myself to go finish loading the car.  He seemed like a nice enough guy despite being an Ohio State fan.  As you know, the only thing lower than being an Ohio State fan is being a Notre Dame fan.  Which reminds me, what has 300 eyes and 3 teeth?  The front row of fans at a Notre Dame home game.


As expected, I was all hot & sweaty from loading the car so I had to change my shirt.  Luckily I planned ahead and had one in the back seat waiting for me.  In a flash we were on our way.  We had planned a brief stop in Daytona to have lunch with Aunt Cindy at the Wing House.  I had the ham & cheese which is about my favorite sandwich at the Wing House.  They have good wings as well, but surprisingly I had no desire for wings that day.  


After a lot more driving and some thoughts about how much a flight from Tampa to Jacksonville would cost, we arrived at Aunt Lynda’s house and picked up our wonderful little Adam.  We missed the little guy.  He is awfully cute you know.


After a too brief of a swim we headed home.  I don’t recall what we had for dinner, but it was at home so I am sure it was nothing spectacular.  The trip was over and laundry needed to be done as well as unpacking and the putting away of suitcases.  Reality sunk in very quickly. 


So there you have it.  The complete 20th anniversary vacation in 10 parts.  I hope you kids enjoyed it.




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