Posted by: lylescott89 | August 27, 2009

Come on Everybody…

Hey kids,



“Come on everybody get down get with it.  Come on everybody get down get with it.  Come on everybody get down that’s rock ‘n’ roll.”


Does anyone recognize that musical line?  Until this afternoon I thought those words were permanently erased from my memory, but by listening to the 70’s station on Sirius they all suddenly came back to me.  I find it so odd that I can remember the words to a song that I probably had not heard in 30 years.  For those of you too young or those of you who though you had successfully erased this from your minds that is the chorus from the 1977 hit song from Shaun Cassidy titled That’s Rock ‘n’ Roll.  Now you are all singing it or you have it stuck in your head.  Sorry about that.


Speaking of Sirius, the letter I wrote to The Howard Stern Show was once again read on the air today.  Howard and the gang are on vacation this week and in place of new programming they are essentially doing a bunch of “best of” shows this week.  They call it Mammary Lane and the bits they play are all selected by listeners.  When they asked for requests I quickly remembered a time back in 1997 when Howard had sent Stuttering John to his Alma Mater, Boston University, and had him try and find out why there were no pictures or mentions of Howard on campus.  Howard is arguably the most famous alum from B.U., so why is he ignored at the campus?  That was Stuttering John’s mission and it turned out to be pretty funny.  Funny enough that the producers decided to add this bit to Mammary Lane for a second time.  They had read my letter and played the bit over a year ago and are doing it again today.  It was so funny to hear them read my letter and mention my name.  I am somebody now.


As most of you know, I am a big fan of Survivor.  I’ve watched every episode of every season since the beginning.  You can say I am addicted.  I went to today and read the bios of all the new survivors.  There were a few hot girls again this season, which is always a plus.  The new season begins 9/17/09. 




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