Posted by: lylescott89 | November 16, 2009

My Dinner with Andre (aka AZ Brad)

Hey kids,


*****Please take notice:  I wrote this last week, but did not post it for you as I had to get my Survivor blog posted first for all you die-hard Survivor fans.  My apologies to Brad and Mary who were sitting and anxiously waiting for this entry.********************


Tuesday was a dark and rainy day.  It was pouring rain and a great day to stay home and order a pizza.  (Frankly there is no such thing as a bad day to order a pizza, but I digress.)    However, we had plans.  Donnas’ cousin Brad was in Tampa for some reason or another, but was only there for about 36 hours.  It was our only chance to see him so we ventured out in the storm to pick him up at the Westin at Rocky Point.  It took us a little longer than usual to get there due to the weather, but we arrived very close to our estimated arrival time.  We drove up to the Westin and quickly shooed away the valet parking guy and picked up Brad.   


We went to Bahama Breeze.  Since it was raining and I am an incredibly nice guy, I dropped everyone off at the door and went to park.  Luckily I had my trusty umbrella to get me in the restaurant nice and dry.  I arrived and found that it was not particularly busy, probably due to the rain.  However, by the time we left it had gotten very full.


They had already been seated, but the cute hostess was kind enough to tell me where they were.  I do not recall our waiter’s name, but he was okay.  Since his name escapes me, we will call him Curly for our purposes today.  Nice guy and all, but not all that memorable.  We ordered to onion rings for an appetizer.  Bahama Breeze makes really good O-rings.  Donna and Adam decided to split a rack of ribs, Brad chose the pork tenderloin covered in spinach and such and then it was my turn to order.  I could not decide whether I wanted the usual, which I just love, or to have a sandwich of some sort.  I was kind of craving a burger or a Cuban sandwich and a big ass bowl of black rice and beans.  I mentioned this to Curly and he made me an offer I could not refuse.  He said get your favorite and switch the side to beans and rice.  Sold I said.  Now, I was thinking that the yucca that came with the Chicken Santiago would be replaced by the beans, but I was wrong.  I still got the yucca and the beans as well.  Needless to say I was stuffed at the end of the night.


Now, I just love the Chicken Santiago and I was pleased that the yucca was still there.  To dip the yucca in the sauce that covered the chicken was a wonderful experience.  Plus you can have yucca and chicken in one bite and that is also a very pleasant taste sensation. 


The conversation went all over the place.  We talked about Brad and how Windows 7 was his idea and a little about my upcoming surgery.  Overall it was a very pleasant night, but it got better.  When the check came Brad immediately grabbed it.  Donna, who was sitting next to Brad, tried to grab it as well and said that he did not have to pay, which was true.  You see, a couple of weeks earlier Brad sent an IM to Donna telling her about his 36 hour trip and asking if we could meet for dinner.  I was in the kitchen at the time and Donna called to me asking if I wanted to go.  I jokingly said sure, as long as Brad is paying.  Donna laughed and then inexplicably wrote this to Brad.  Brad responded by saying that was fine as long as we went to McDonalds, which certainly would have been fine with me and Adam.  I kind of forgot all about this until Brad grabbed  the check.  I said that I was just joking, but Brad paid anyway.  So, a big thank you to AZ Brad for the lovely dinner.  Next time we invade your home dinner at Hooters is on me.


Afterwards, we took Brad back to the Westin and we went in to take a look.  It was nice inside, very Zen.  It certainly looked like a nice place to stay and I am sure Brad was very happy there.  I asked Brad to join me for my 50th birthday celebration, which will also be his 50th birthday celebration in 2014.  He said he’d be thrilled to join me in what we are now calling Vegas 2014.  I sure hope Brad likes strip clubs.


Oh, I cannot talk about Brad and have him read this without asking him to give a big hello to Mary and ask him to read this to her.  I know that she loves these blogs and depends on Brad to inform her whenever there is a new posting.




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