Posted by: lylescott89 | December 11, 2009

Survivor Samoa: Natalie Dries her Panties

Hey kids,


Last night we had one of the greatest moments is Survivor history:  Natalie hanging out her panties to dry.  I was totally distracted by this and could not follow much of the action once this scene was shown.  I was in awe.  Natalie hanging her panties on a branch to dry was mind boggling.  I had to rewind and watch again and again. 


I really have no clue what else happened because of this instance and three others.  We also had an extended scene of Monica lying on her stomach on the beach, which in turn put her spectacular rear out in the open for all to enjoy.  It was beautiful.  Then later in the second immunity challenge (more on that later) we had Natalie in her bikini with Jeff telling us she was having a hard time keeping it on.  Oh my gosh, I know the good parts would have been blurred had it come off completely, but just the thought made me lose consciousness.  I had to rewind that too just to try and see what Jeff was lucky enough to have already seen.  Then we had Natalie letting her hair down at the 2nd tribal council.  Spectacular.  What an incredible Hottie she is. 


Of course the producers often have to counter this with everyone’s favorite mullet wearing mule, Shambo.  The shots of her flopping her belly fat were just too much to bear.  Does anyone like Shambo?  I mean, really?  This cow is so stupid that at the beginning of the show Russell gave her some made up crap as to why she was not told of the voting out of John and she instantly believed him.  How can she possibly be that stupid? 


Then again a lot of our contestants this season are pretty stupid.  Russell, as much as he is despised and a jerk, is playing what appears to be the perfect game.  He had this whole Survivor thing figured out and he is playing the game like it has never been played before or ever will be again.  How people cannot see through him is beyond me. 


Okay, I must get to our synopsis now.  It will be short because despite the great shots of Natalie and Monica, there was not much else.  Sure, we had some bowling to watch, but as a general rule bowling is not the most exciting thing to watch and that was certainly proven tonight.  Jaison won immunity.  Yawn. 


Dave began fighting for his life, but it was a moot point.  For some reason they were all afraid of pissing off Shambo for two tribals in a row and went with what she wanted, which was the ouster of Dave.  The only thing about Shambo that scares me is the mullet. 


Then after a little who ha in camp, we went on to the second immunity challenge which consisted of swimming out and getting a thing and then catapulting it into a basket.  Too little time was spent on Natalie and Monica.  Watching them continually jump on a board to get a pillow in a basket would make a great 30 minute reality show as far as I am concerned, but again I digress.  The great mystery man, Brett, won this challenge.  Many of you are still wondering who exactly Brett is and I think even Brett is wondering this at this point.  Brett could win simply because no one has ever noticed him.


Monica did her best to stir up some trouble in her effort to stay in the game and I think, I hope, I really hope that it worked.  She was voted out almost unanimously, but perhaps she put enough doubt in everyone else’s minds about Russell to cause him some trouble later.


Speaking of Russell, what a bold move to take out the hidden immunity idol at tribal council and wear it around his neck.  He is actually daring people to vote for him.  I gotta say it again; Russell is playing the greatest game of Survivor ever.  That does not mean he will win, but the guy has certainly proven himself. 


On another high note, next week we get to see how well Monica cleans up as she joins the jury.  It is unlikely we will get any more butt shots, but if she cleans up as well as I imagine she will be looking pretty darn hot.  And what was up with Erik’s shirt at tribal council?  Was that the ugliest dang shirt you have ever seen in your life?  Like I said a lot of stupid people this season. 




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