Posted by: lylescott89 | February 12, 2010

Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains

Hey kids,


I know you are all expecting me to start doing recaps on the new season of Survivor, but even though the demand is high I will not be doing full recaps this season.  Instead, I will be giving a few quick and painless observations of each episode and then moving on to another topic.  So here are a few quick hits from episode one of Heroes vs. Villains:


  • Stephenie dislocating her shoulder in the opening challenge, getting it popped back into place and continuing to play was awesome.  She is one tough lady.  I’d have been crying.
  • Rupert breaking his tow in the same challenge.  I read online that when it happened his screams were louder than a lion’s roar.  Wish they had shown that.  Again, Rupert carried on and again, I’d have been crying.
  • Parvati still has the hottest ass of all the Survivor hot babe asses.  She is amazing.  Not sure, but has she had her breasts enhanced?  They looked good.
  • This installment was filmed last August.  Boston Rob left home a mere five weeks after the birth of his daughter.  Shame on you Boston Rob for leaving Amber at home alone with a new baby.
  • Sugar running topless on the beach and then flipping off the other team.  Priceless.  This needs to be somehow shoehorned in to each and every future season.
  • Coach possibly hooking up romantically with Jerri?  Ewwwwwww!
  • Hey, was that the chicken that Shambo lost last season showing up to finally be eaten?
  • Russell is playing the same game he played before and he is still a jerk, but I don’t think he’ll get as far this time.
  • It did not take long for Sugar to start crying now did it?
  • I do not understand why Cirie is on the Heroes team.  To me she is a dirty and conniving player that should be with the villains. 
  • Although Sandra played the villain role pretty well last night, I seem to recall her being more of a hero during her season.  They should have switched these two.
  • Danielle is looking way hot.
  • I still hate Coach.
  • Sugar stalking Colby was kind of fun to watch. 
  • Sugar trying to figure out which end of the pen to use was really fun to watch.
  • As much as I’d have liked to see her stick around longer I think voting out Sugar was the right move.


I was thinking it might be fun for a future season to include a team full of people that were all voted off first.  Think about it.  We hardly ever get to know anything about the first person voted off each season.  It would be like having a whole new cast.


I’m hungry.  I am off to go get some lunch.




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