Posted by: lylescott89 | March 26, 2010

Marco’s Pizza is Yummy

Hey kids,


No Natasha on Morning Express this morning, but we did get Susan Hendricks who is also amazingly hot and babe-o-licious.  I really do not know who my favorite one is any more.  Heck, sometimes the way hot Christi Paul sits in for Robin as well.  So, we have Christi, Natasha and Susan, all extremely beautiful news reading babes, subbing in for the all time news reading hot babe, Robin Meade.  You just can’t go wrong.


Last night around 11:00 PM I came up with a great idea for today’s blog.  Naturally I cannot recall at all what it was, so now you are stuck with my endless ramblings.


Let me tell you about some dang sucky pizza.  Big Mike’s Pizza in Largo has to be the all time worst pizza place.  Every once in a while my supervisor’s boss tries to reward us for good work by getting us pizza from Big Mike’s.  Apparently he is somehow related to Big Mike and he gets a big discount or quite possibly he gets it for free.  However, the pizza sucks.  The sauce is terrible, the pizza is greasy and the crust is similar to cardboard.  Maybe it is cardboard, I just don’t know.  All I can say is that you need to avoid it at all costs. 


Marco’s Pizza, on the other hand, is excellent.  It is a chain and often you get average pizza from places like that.  I almost always prefer a local pizza place.  I have learned that locally there are three places that have excellent pizza:  Queens, Country Pizza Inn and Post Corner Pizza.  As far as the chains go, I hate Pizza Hut and am not a big fan of Hungry Howies, but have always liked Jet’s Pizza and was okay with Papa John’s.  But then, thanks to Brad, I discovered Marco’s.  We live out of Marco’s delivery area and it is about a 10 – 15 minute drive to go pick it up, but that is okay with me.  It is well worth it since it is so delicious.  Plus I don’t have to give a tip to the delivery person. They give you a delicious garlic crust at no extra charge as well as delicious toppings, cheese and sauce.  I am a fairly simple person when it comes to pizza.  I do not want a lot of toppings on it.  Thus my favorite from Marco’s is sausage and old world pepperoni.  For those of you out of the know, old world pepperoni are those small pepperonis that curl up and get crispy around the edges.  I love it.


Not only is the pizza at Marco’s delicious, but the subs are as well.  The subs are hot and delicious.  The Italian sub is my favorite and I almost always get one along with my pizza.  I never do that anywhere else.  Doggone it I am making myself really hungry.  This was not a good idea talking about food.


I had this wild dream last night about these giant crocodiles eating pigs.  They were swallowing them whole.  While I kind of felt bad for the pigs it was pretty awesome watching those giant crocs munch them down.


Yesterday I had to drive up to the 7-11 to get a snack since I was out of snacks at my desk.  Loyal readers can probably guess what I got, but that does not matter right now.  I got my snack, paid for my items and left.  I received 70 cents in change and like always, I tossed it in the car for use at a later time.  As I was at the light I saw a homeless guy with a sign.  For some reason I felt compelled to give him the 70 cents, which I did.  He was ecstatic.  I never saw someone react like that to spare change.  I told him it was not much, but it was all I had and he continued to thank me.  I asked him if he was okay and he told me that he had been out there for a while and I was the first person to offer him anything.  I was surprised and a little saddened by this.  Then the light changed and I left.  Something like that gives one perspective.  You never know when you will make someone’s day.  (Insert violin music and tears here)


I do have to say something to Jesse James who is big in the news now for cheating on his wife, the lovely Sandra Bullock.  Are you an idiot?  Are you completely insane?  Are you out of your @#*%#@& mind?  Sandra is beautiful and talented and by all appearances looks to be a lot of fun.  She has been taking care of your children and you cheat on her?  You cheated on her with a woman with writing on her head?  You cheated on Sandra with a girl with Nazi symbols tattooed on her?  Oh my gosh!  All I can say is you are scum and Sandra deserves a lot better than you.  My apologies to Sandra as I am already happily married because she deserves a guy like me.  If you need to talk Sandra, just call me and not Oprah.





  1. Does Marco’s have thin crust pizza?

  2. Yes, why?

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