Posted by: lylescott89 | April 1, 2010

Have no Fear, Sharkman is Here

Hey kids,


Did anyone watch 60 Minutes this past Sunday night?  They had a story on a guy named Mike Rutzen, better known as the Sharkman.  He is well known for swimming cage-less with great white sharks off the coast of South Africa.  He claims that these sharks are not the killers they are made out to be and he is able to interpret their behavior.  All I could think about while watching this story was Timothy Treadwell.  Tim was the guy profiled in the film Grizzly Man a few years ago, He went and lived with grizzly bears for 13 years until one day when he was mauled and eaten by a bear.  You could see this coming a mile way and I can see the same thing happening someday with the Sharkman.  These are wild animals and no matter what you do, no matter how you act, no matter what you think you never know what they could do to you.  This is just stupid behavior.  One wrong movement and that shark could snap you in half.  Why do people need these thrills in order to live their lives?  Why do people jump out of perfectly good airplanes?  Why would you bungee jump?  Free diving?  None of this makes any sense to me.  You want to live with animals and become their friend?  Try a dog or a cat.  If you really must see what it is like to live with an unstable creature perhaps you should try living with Sarah Palin.


Speaking of that stupid idiot, what is wrong with her?  I saw her on TV with her tea party cronies telling them that Democrat members of congress were their targets and they needed to get them in their sights.  Now it does not take a genius (and believe me there were none of those in this crowd of morons) to know that she was referring to a sight on a rifle.  Does she not realize she is talking to crazy people and that by telling them to target Democrats in their sights that there is a definite possibility that one of those dopes will attempt to shoot someone?  What an irresponsible bitch she is.  Whenever I see a person with a Sarah Palin bumper sticker all I can think about is how low their intelligence must be.  How can anyone actually think this person has any ability to lead anyone into anything but complete failure and annihilation?  She couldn’t even handle being the governor of Alaska.  How could anyone think she could handle any kind of higher office?  This ass clown needs to go live with grizzly bears.


They have made a remake of The Karate Kid coming out this summer.  Now, I never saw any of the Karate Kid movies because I thought they looked stupid and from what I hear they were.  Now we are being treated to a remake with Jackie Chan, the man with no ability to speak English.  Look, I have no problem with Chan making films in his native language, but please don’t force this god-awful actor to try and speak in English.  If we must have this joker forced upon us please use subtitles.  You know, I have never seen a film with Jackie Chan in it and I hope to keep it that way.




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