Posted by: lylescott89 | April 2, 2010

Easter & Passover: Happy or Depressing? Discuss…

Hey kids,


It is no secret that I have always found the Easter season a little depressing.  Oh sure there is the whole Easter Bunny thing and all the candy, eggs and pastels and such, but that is a secular Easter.  Frankly once you find out that Easter is all about a guy being brutally murdered it does not sound as good.  I suppose one can get excited about how it ultimately turns out, but let’s face it all we really want is the candy.  I will attend church on Sunday because I have to run the sound and video, but if it was up to me I would not attend.  It’s depressing, you have a bunch of people there that show up twice a year (we’ll see them again on Christmas Eve) and then the rest of the day you deal with a child hopped up on sugar.  Gee, what a great holiday.  Frankly I do not consider it a holiday at all because I do not get a day off of work.  If I have to work it is not a holiday. 


Passover does not do that much for me either, although if you attend a Seder with a darn good brisket (which I did a couple of years ago) it makes that whole waiting for Elijah thing well worth it.  I think I spent most of the night hoping to find the afikoman, but then I found out that I was too old to look for it.  Dang!  But let’s look at Passover a little closer.  Is it really any less depressing than Easter?  You’ve got ten friggin’ plagues followed by the Hebrews escaping enslavement.  So the Hebrews marked their doors with the blood of a lamb (that’s just gross) so the Lord passed over their homes.  You’d think the neighbors would have seen this and realized something was up, but no.  I’ve never been a real big fan of matzo anyway.  Give me real bread please.


Holy cow I must be butter because I am on a roll today!  I guess I am just bitter because I have to work today and I think I deserve a holiday.  I spent part of the morning with Adam before I had to come in to work and I really enjoyed that, but now I am here and it sucks.  What else can I whine about today?


Oh, I want to thank loyal reader Teri for insightful comments regarding my 3D blog a few days ago.  Teri suggested that in this economy the theaters need a little more incentive to get people out of their homes.  That’s a great point and thus far it seems to be working, but you can only sucker people in for so long.  I think though that with the release of Clash of the Titans this weekend (which I have heard has horrible, murky 3D effects) we may see a backlash.  Again, this film was produced in 2D and in January some genius executive came up with the idea to transfer it to 3D.  This is not what people want and I hope that fans that go to see it will know this fact and see it in 2D.  If a film is produced in 3D that is one thing, but it is another to try and gouge your public.


I do not watch Dancing with the Stars, but I see the ads for it and my DVR always seems to pick up the end of it when it records Castle on Monday nights.  Most of the time when I see the pairs together I cannot figure out who the star is and who is the pro dancer.  Sure, I recognize Pam Anderson, Erin Andrews and Shannon Doherty, but who the hell are the rest of these people?


As most of you know I do not listen to hip hop or country music.  I like a lot of different kinds of music, but the appeal of country and hip hop completely elude me.  Most of you also know that I listen to Howard Stern more then anything else on my Sirius.  However, I do listen to a number of music stations as well.  I like to listen to Sirius 12 which is The Pulse.  A few weeks ago they started playing a song from a group called Lady Antebellum.  Now, I had never heard of these people and at first I thought it was just a person.  I guess I thought maybe Lady Antebellum was Lady Gaga’s lesser cousin or something like that.  Anyway, the song was called Need You Now and I’ll be darned I really liked it.  It was only after hearing the song that I found out that they were a group and that they were country.  I have never heard any other song from these people and am not sure if I want to, but I do like this song.  Does this mean I will be making a switch to country music?  Highly unlikely, but at least I now know there is one country song I like.  BTW, I can’t stand Lady Gaga and I have heard a lot of her songs.  They do not play her stuff on The Pulse.


Hey, they just started playing Need You Now.  What a coincidence!


Well, I suppose that is all for today kids.  Thanks to all my loyal readers and I hope you all have a Happy Easter or a Happy Passover or a Happy Bunny Day, whatever makes you happy.  I like it when people are happy.





  1. Lyle, when you visit next week you can listen to my Lady Antebellum CD if you like!

  2. Thank you!

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