Posted by: lylescott89 | April 6, 2010

Strange Days

Hey kids,


As we all know, I see and hear the strangest things.  One of my favorites was the time I saw the guy pay for his food at the drive thru window at McDonalds and then drive off without his food.  Classic.  Today, however, I saw one good one and heard another that I want to share with you.  Both happened at Target.  One inside and one outside. 


Inside Target I saw a very elderly man talking to a Target employee.  Well, he was not talking, he was screaming.  But he was not screaming because he was upset, he was screaming because I think he had a severe hearing loss and just assumed everyone else did as well.  He had a thick German accent and sounded like he escaped from an episode of Hogan’s Heroes. (A show I never cared for by the way)  The conversation went like this:


Old German Man:  Is dis bread whole grain?


Target Guy:  Yes.


OGM:  Great.  Now, Vhere are da frames?


TG:  What?


OGM:  Da frames, da frames.  Vhere are da frames?


TG:  Oh, well I don’t know, but if you ask that lady over there she can tell you.


OGM:  You vork here and you don’t know where da frames are?


TG:  I’m sorry, but I am sure she can help you.


Then the old guy went and asked the lady I lost interest in this fascinating exchange as I am sure you have by this point.  The next thing I saw was a guy in the far corner of the parking lot.  He had a couple dozen cans of Krylon spray paint and he was painting his car.  I had never seen this before.  I was not aware that you could paint your car with a can of Krylon and have it actually look good.  I’ll have to say it appeared he was doing a good job.


Let’s change gears here for a moment.  I have never been a really big fan of Kentucky Fried Chicken.  In fact I cannot even recall the last time I actually went there.  It has been at least three or four years, possibly longer.  They did not even have grilled chicken the last time I was there so thus I have never tried that, though I have heard it is very good. Now KFC will be debuting its newest sandwich, the Double Down, on April 12th.  The DD is cheese, bacon and the Colonel’s special sauce between two chicken breasts, fried or grilled.  No bun at all.  I have to try this.  I have seen pictures online and it looks very tasty.  Surprisingly I think the grilled would be better than the fried, but I will try both and let you know the results.


I have noticed that many of my older entries are suddenly getting more notice now that readership has gone up.  Join the crowd and please go back and check prior months and catch up on all things me. 


Lost is on tonight and there are only a few episodes left until the series comes to a close.  I will have to say that this season has been spectacular.  I love the storytelling and the way this series has evolved from the beginning.  I have always said that Lost is an incredibly complicated show and one must watch it very carefully and sometimes a second viewing is necessary.  This show is not for everyone, but I certainly think it takes a certain level of intelligence to enjoy it.  Ironic that the show is way too intelligent for someone like Sarah Palin, yet the title describes her perfectly.  If you do not watch the show I urge you to get it on DVD and watch from the beginning.  Obviously if you are regular reader of mine you are clearly intelligent thus you will be fine. 




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