Posted by: lylescott89 | April 12, 2010

I Did Not Like Brandy & Carol

Hey kids,


Many times I begin to write and am not even sure what I am going to write about.  Today I had about three or four ideas floating around and had to decide which way to go.  I have chosen to go with humor and television.  Hope that is okay with you kids.


I love The Amazing Race, yet I rarely discuss it here with you.  Not sure why that is, but whatever the reason I think it is time for me to say a few things.  I despised Carol & Brandy and am really glad they are gone.  I think they tempted fate last week when they taunted old Browsie and now karma has come back to bite them.  They are two vengeful, angry bitches as far as I am concerned and while Brandy was certainly the bigger diva, they both had their moments.


Both of them, but again mostly Brandy, have a sever hatred for Caite.  Now, Caite is 20 years old, incredibly hot and a former Miss Teen South Carolina.  You may remember her as the one who incoherently answered the question about maps and became a national sensation.  It was hilarious, but we all knew at the time that she would be okay in life because she is beautiful.  It must be nice to be gorgeous and have things just handed to you for your entire life, but as usual I digress.  Not really though since that was clearly Brandy’s problem with her.  See, neither Brandy nor Carol was particularly attractive and this led to an intense jealousy of Caite.  They made fun of her since day one and continued to say horribly mean things about her and her boyfriend last night.  Brent & Caite used the U-Turn to force Brandy & Carol to do both detours and this pissed them off to no end.  Apparently they did not understand that this was clearly part of the game and a legal move, but that did not stop them from bitching and being hateful.  I had no use for their attitude.  It was stupid and I hope that when they saw themselves last night they felt bad about the way they acted.  Brandy kept complaining that it was a dumb move because they were not a strong team and they should have u-turned one of the stronger teams.  Again this made no sense.  Brandy was essentially saying to her partner that they had no chance of beating them anyway so why even think twice about us?  Clearly she had forgotten all the earlier teams when they described themselves as a force in the game.


Couple of other things with last night’s show:  Caite looked so hot wiggling her little butt to the music when doing the drum detour.  They seemed to get it down very easily, unlike Brandy & Carol who had a multitude of troubles with it.  Another reason they hated Caite was that despite her presumed lack of intelligence (and frequently odd comments to support this) she was simply a better player then Brandy.  Plain and simple.  She is hot and you are not is no reason to hate someone and treat them so badly and then out and out lie about it.  Oh they made me so mad!  Now Caite is the only woman left on the show and that is justice.  I’d love to see her win just to see Brandy’s reaction at the finish line.  BTW, does anyone think that Brandy & Carol are still a couple?  I cannot imagine they are since they were fighting so much.  And who in the world, outside of Singapore of course, wants to eat a brick of ice cream sitting in slice of white bread?  Seriously, white bread and ice cream?  Who is the genius in Singapore that thought of this and was able to sell it to the masses?  The guy’s a marketing genius.


Also making news today is that Conan O’Brien has signed a deal to bring his late night talk show to TBS.  Now I will confess that I have always been a Letterman guy.  I have never watched Leno, not even once.  Leno’s lack of humor and unoriginality has always bothered me.  Leno does well in late night because he is safe.  He is milquetoast and that is what Middle America wants.  Milquetoast.  Never in the history of late night has a more boring guy had this kind of ratings to keep him number one.  Conan got a raw deal despite his $40 million payout.  If Leno was a man he would have said no to a return to the Tonight Show and moved on to somewhere else.  After the failure of his 10:00 show you would think he would have been sick and tired of NBC, but no.  He keeps going back like a sad little puppy dog waiting for NBC to throw him a bone. 


I only saw a few episodes of Conan on the Tonight Show and to my surprise if was very funny, original and for the first time in many years, a bit edgy.  Edgy scares old women in Iowa.  They want a reliable bowl of milquetoast before bed and they get that with Leno.  Again, I am a Letterman guy and am loyal to his show, but since Conan comes on at 11:00 PM starting in November I will hopefully be able to enjoy his funny show for a little while as well.  It’s the best of both worlds, or at least it would be if I did not have to get up for work every day.  One drawback to Conan’s deal with TBS is for only four nights per week which means no show on Friday when I actually could watch.  The way things normally go for me that sounds pretty typical.




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