Posted by: lylescott89 | April 19, 2010

Sick & Tired of Working with the Stupid

Hey kids,


I learned a few things last night that I wanted to share with you.  First, though, I should let you know that my mother in law is visiting and last night she wanted to watch some country music awards.  Now I have noticed and mentioned in the past that it seems like the country music people pat themselves on the back once a week or more with awards shows.  Why they do this I do not know, but I do know that country music still scares me despite liking that one song by Lady Gaga’s lesser cousin, Lady Antebellum. 


Anyway, I had a number of shows on the DVR I wanted to watch last night so I told her that she would have to watch in the other room.  She had no problem with this.  Well, before I started to watch my good shows I had a few chores to finish which led me to walk through the living room a few times and I was subjected to hearing this show.  Allow me to tell you what I learned:


  • Reba McEntire is not a comedian and she is not funny.  I felt like I was in the cornpone hall of fame every time I heard her attempts at humor.  What was even scarier is that the crowd seemed to be enjoying her jokes.
  • How can people listen to this crap?  I walked by and heard a bit of a performance by a group I believe was called Redneck & Big Belt Buckle.  This guy was singing something about getting “stuck at a honky tonk because his truck don’t work”.  John Lennon was rolling in his grave at these lyrics.  (He also rolls when he hears Lady Gaga, but that’s a story for another day)
  • What the heck was Nicole Kidman doing there?  She does not come across as a country music fan to me and looked terrified to be there.  I think the crowd was considering putting her on the grill and serving her with baked beans.
  • The show started at 8:00 and I walked past no more that a ½ dozen times, yet I heard yeehaw 167 times.  How is this possible?
  • Okay, I will admit that Carrie Underwood is way hot.  I cannot name one song she sings, but oh my gosh is she hot. 
  • On a related note we saw a trailer at the movies on Saturday for some concert film of a guy with a big cowboy hat in 3D.  I was terrified at the concept.  This is not what James Cameron had in mind when he revolutionized the 3D process.


It’s over now and for that I am thankful.  However, I think it is less than 10 days before the next country music awards.  You have been warned.


And now for a completely stupid story involving a co-worker:  I had a spreadsheet completed that needed to be securely e-mailed to the attorney’s office.  The secretary, who we will call Helen, is supposed to do all of these so I e-mailed it to her to send.  She came to me and asked what it was.  I told her, but then added that it really did not matter what it was because it was something they needed and to just please send it.  She came back a few minutes later saying that I did not have to send her the spreadsheet that she could have gotten her own.  I explained to her that I did indeed need to send the spreadsheet because it was filled out with all the info they asked for.  It was not blank nor was it a filled with only basic info.  It was completed.  Please just send it.  She said okay.  A couple of hours later she said they sent her an e-mail which said the spreadsheet she sent did not have the info they needed.  I asked if she sent the one I sent her exactly as it was and she said she did not know how to do that so she sent them the original one from the files that had just basic info, not the pertinent info they needed.  I refrained from calling her a friggin’ idiot and just told her I would do it myself.  I ask you dear readers, if I were to request you to send a specific item to someone would you ever send something else and figure that it would be okay?  Of course not!  I am so sick of stupidity.  Stupid,  stupid,  stupid,  stupid,  stupid,  stupid,  stupid,  stupid,  stupid,  stupid,  stupid,  stupid,  stupid,  stupid,  stupid,  stupid,  stupid,  stupid,  stupid,  stupid,  stupid,  stupid,  stupid,  stupid,  stupid,  stupid,  stupid,  stupid,  stupid,  stupid!  You know, after you write the same word over and over so much it stops looking like a real word.




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