Posted by: lylescott89 | May 28, 2010

The Standers and the 21st Anniversary Dinner

Hey kids,


Last year we had the 20th anniversary trip.  This year we had the 21st anniversary dinner.  Not as exciting or as expensive, but special nonetheless.  I suppose there will be a 25th anniversary trip, but that is a ways off so not time to plan that one yet.  Regardless, we had a lovely dinner at Bahama Breeze over at Rocky Point last night and I thought I’d tell you about it in oh so many ways.


We arrived around 6:30 PM and being ever the gentleman I let Donna out at the door and went and parked the car.  Donna was promptly seated as we had utilized call ahead seating.  When I came in to the dining establishment I was quickly taken to our table.  We had a lovely spot at the window where we could see the bay just beyond the patio seating.  I suppose it would be nice to have sat outside if it had been anything less than 1000 degrees, but I digress.  Anyway the patio was fairly full with diners and drinkers.  More on the patio people in a minute.


We were greeted by Cristobel, if in fact that was his real name.  He took our drink order and wanted to know if we were ready to order.  Well, no, not yet.  We wanted to take our time and relax on this lovely evening.  We had a sitter and wanted a peaceful and slow paced dinner.  We both order some iced tea and I will have to say that the iced tea there was particularly flavorful.  Much better than the tea I am currently drinking that I got from Panera at lunch.


As we enjoyed our teas I started noticing the people on the deck.  I would have thought people had chosen to sit out there in the hopes of smoking a butt or two, but no one seemed to be doing so from our vantage point.  I could see tables of people.  Some ordering, some eating, and some enjoying a lovely beverage and I had no problem with these people at all.  Then I saw the people that I don’t get.  I don’t understand their purpose in life or why it is they do what they do.  It makes no sense to me.  They were The Standers.  Yes kids, those annoying, pain in the ass people that stand there attempting to look cool holding bottles of beer in their hands.  The Standers could have sat down.  In fact they had two tables that they used as coasters and places to rest their purses, but no.  Why the heck should you sit down and converse when you can stand there as close as possible to the other patrons who are sitting at tables (like humans) and trying to enjoy their meals.  I saw one lady in particular that was sitting down at a table and to the right of her was a butt.  Some Stander was just standing there with his butt practically in the face of this poor girl.  Oh she dined as if nothing was wrong, but I could tell that all she could think about was the possibility of this ass clown ripping a huge fart as she tried to enjoy her salad.  Just what I want for dinner: Grilled Chicken and Fart Salad. 


But she was not the only one.  There were at least eight Standers (one with a really nice rack if I do say so myself) and they clogged up the whole area.  Do you need to get to the bathroom?  Good luck getting past The Standers.  Would you like your food served to you while it is still hot?  I sure hope the server can get past The Standers.  They all just stood there having their empty conversation and drinking beer with the sole purpose of looking cool.  I am here to tell you kids that they all looked stupid, with the possible exception of the girl with the huge cans.  No, even she looked stupid, but mama mia! 


If one of you kids can explain to me the reason behind The Standers I would appreciate it.  It’s not like this is the first time I have seen this horrid phenomenon.  Oh no, I have seen it many times before and it always bugs me.  I may have written previously about an incident once at a Ruby Tuesday in which there were tons of Standers at the bar despite the fact that there were plenty of seats available at the bar.  Of course I had to take Adam to the bathroom that night and naturally I had to walk right through The Standers to get there.  Did they move when you said excuse me?  Of course not.  They just kept of standing there and trying to prove themselves as superior to the rest of us with their great standing and holding a beer ability.  It was amazing.  I officially hate The Standers.


So we ordered an appetizer of the chips and spinach dip.  I love that.  It was delicious, but as usual I could have used about twice the amount of dips than what they give you.  After we completed the appetizer it was time to order.  My thoughts were all over the place.  Should I order the usual or should I branch out and try something different?  I really like the usual and I know I will enjoy it.  But do I owe it to myself to try something different?  What if I do order something different and I do not like it as much as the usual?  Then I’ll be mad at myself for not ordering my favorite dish.  But then again how will I ever know if I will like something else if I don’t try it?  Oh my gosh I have such agida when it comes to stuff like this. 


Ultimately I ordered the usual, which is the Santiago Chicken.  I love it.  To huge breasts on a plate served with some sort of sauce, which is spicy and delicious, and some salsa, onions and peppers with a side of yucca.  I love yucca and one cannot go wrong with two huge breasts.  Donne ordered the fried chicken platter with the garlic mashed taters and I thought that sounded good as well since it was anew menu item.  I was able to sample it and it was fantastic.  Absolutely delicious.  Now I know that there is something else for me to get should I get over my agida and am able to order something different. 


For dessert we had the chocolate pineapple upside down cake.  I don’t need to tell you how delicious that was, but I will.  The cake was moist and had one of those gooey volcano centers of chocolate.  It was served with some sort of caramel glace with a touch of raspberry sauce as well.  Unbelievable!


As the dinner ended and it was time to leave I noticed that The Standers had left and some new people took there place and actually sat down at the tables that The Standers had so greedily hogged for two hours.  The girl with the fart salad was still there and she looked much happier as did the other patrons.  We must make a stand against The Standers.  Standers are pretty dumb people.  I’ll bet Sarah Palin is a Stander. 





  1. I must agree that getting iced tea at Panera is a bad idea.

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