Posted by: lylescott89 | June 16, 2010

Colorado Part III: USAF Academy

Hey kids,


After breakfast we headed over to the Air Force Academy.  The academy was established in 1954, but the current campus in Colorado Springs did not open until 1958.  It sits on about 18,000 acres just north of Colorado Springs on the east side of the Rampart Range of the Rocky Mountains.  It is a beautiful location.  With the exception of the Cadet Chapel, the buildings on campus are mostly unspectacular.  However, the beauty of the mountains and the monuments on campus more than make up for it. 


When we arrived we got to the visitor’s gate and were stopped by a guy in uniform.  He did the requisite check of the vehicle, checked ID and allowed us in.  The first stop on the road was an overlook of the entire campus.  The chapel, completed in 1962, dominates the campus with its 17 spires vaulting into the air.  Other buildings are visible as well as some planes and practice fields all in the shadow of the mountains.  After taking a few photos we continued down the road to the first parking lot, which was conveniently near the chapel.


The Cadet Chapel is a great example of modernist architecture and is open to the public.  I had been inside once before, but had forgotten just how spectacular it really was.  The main floor is the Protestant Chapel and it is by far the most impressive.  A huge pipe organ sits up on the upper level and pews that seat up to 1200 people are visible when you walk in.  Stained glass windows are lit up by the sunlight and create a beautiful array of colors inside.  We saw a fairly cute girl available for answering questions and we asked quite a few, which helps explain my knowledge of said chapel.  I took many pictures inside and some of them came out pretty good.  Be sure to check out my pictures on flickr.


Downstairs there are three more chapels, all of which are very nice, but none as impressive as the one above.  We visited the Catholic Chapel, the Jewish Chapel and the Buddhist Chapel.  I particularly liked the Jewish area and would certainly attend a service or two there if given the chance.  I’d actually be very curious about what goes on in the Buddhist area.  I like the idea of attending a service without my shoes on. 


We walked around outside the chapel for a while and looked at the beautiful lawn with the planes on it and some of the modest buildings on campus.  After a while of admiring things it was on to the visitor center.


At the visitor center I was instantly hit with the smell of fresh baked bread.  Apparently there was a Subway inside the center for your dining pleasure.  I told myself that I was eating a great dinner that night and not to ruin my appetite.  That worked for a while.  More later.


As we entered the exhibit area a man came up to us and informed us we were just in time as the mascot had just arrived.  Thinking that there was a goofy kid in a falcon costume we walked to where he pointed.  To my surprise there was a really pretty girl named Danielle standing there with a real falcon named Destiny.  I took some photos of both the girl and the falcon and was even able to pet the falcon.  I was not allowed to touch Danielle, though I guess I never did ask so one never knows.  Anyway, Destiny (the bird) was very soft and she was very pretty.  She even had her own trading cards.  Destiny was 18 years old and could no longer fly, but she was still a majestic bird. 


After perusing the many exhibits and such the smell of food became overwhelming to me.  I will say that I am not a big fan of Subway, but it smelled so darn good.  As far as sub places go I would rather go to Blimpies, Jimmy Johns, Firehouse or Quiznos before Subway, but none of those were just a few steps away.  I asked Ken again what time we were headed to dinner and he said between 5 & 6.  It was too long to wait.  I had to eat and apparently so did Ken.


I went up to the counter and told the older woman behind the counter that I needed a sub.  She asked my favorite and I told her that I prefer the Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki.  She said she would make one up for me right away.  I saw her begin to make it and she asked me if I wanted extra meat.  I said no, but then she said she’d give it to me for free as they had not sold much that day and would have too much at the end of the day.  No problem I said.  So instead of two trays of deliciously seasoned chicken I got three.  The sub was made and for a mere $5.00 plus tax I had a yummy sub to enjoy.  It really was a terrific sub as far as Subway subs go.  After lunch we walked around a little more and then headed back to the house.  I was tired and still getting used to the time change so a nap sounded good.


Not much else happened that day so I will finish off here.  We went to the Texas Roadhouse for dinner and it was very similar to Cody’s Roadhouse and Logan’s Roadhouse.  We arrived and found that they had a special going on that night and thus there was a little bit of a wait.  They had a deal where you could get any one of ten dinners for $7.99 before 6:00 PM.  Plus they were doing some sort of fund raiser for breast cancer research that night and there were a lot of girls handing out flyers.  Once you got a flyer you gave it to your server and the restaurant gave $1.00 for each flyer they collected from a guest.  So since it was 5:45 I was a little worried that we would not get seated before the required 6:00 PM deadline.  The hostess said that as long as we checked in prior to that time we were okay.  Phew.  No worries. 


At 6:56 we were called for our seat.  When we got to the hostess stand she said it would be just another minute and said she jumped the gun a bit.  I told her it was okay as long as she would give me a basket of yeast rolls while I waited.  A very hot server who was no taller than five feet walked me over to the rolls and handed me a basket.  I was nice enough to share with Ken and his family. 


Moments later we were seated and our server, Kristin, came over to take our drink order.  Kristin was really hot.  Beautiful face, nice figure and her ass looked spectacular in her tight jeans.  Frankly I did not care about what I was going to order at that time.  Nonetheless I had to make a decision.  I chose the 7 oz sirloin which came with a salad and a baked potato.  All for $7.99.  I added grilled onions to the steak which added an additional $1.29 and I had the baked potato made loaded which added another $0.99.  They always get you one way or another.  Somehow, Kristin heard that someone at the table ordered cheese fries as well, but no one did.  When she realized the kitchen made a mistake she gave them to me and said that she would not charge me for them.  They were tasty too.  But the steak was spectacular.  If a steak is made correctly it does not need any steak sauce and this one was done correctly.  Juicy and grilled to perfection. 


After dinner we headed back to the house and sat out front enjoying the sunset and cool breeze.  It would be the last cool day in Colorado Springs until the day I left and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  We spent the rest of the evening talking and laughing and reminiscing.  It was a great end to a fun day.  Keep checking back for more.





  1. I can’t wait to read more.

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