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Colorado Part V: Is that a Didgeridoo

Hey kids,


After lunch we headed to the Garden of the Gods.  Now, if you are unfamiliar with this landmark
you could certainly Google it as you have that ability.  However, as a public service I’ll tell you
just a little bit about it.  The Garden
is a public park with free admission. 
Gotta love free.  It is full of
many different rock formations and is astounding in its beauty.  I have plenty of photos posted on


As you know by now the day was hot.  It was 93 degrees as we began our trek
through the park.  We arrived in the
early afternoon just as a large school group was leaving.  What great luck that was as they were very
loud.  I wanted to walk through this
peaceful park in peace and thankfully I did. 
There was a smattering of people around as we started.  There were many cars in the lot, but I am
guessing they were farther along in their walk through.  But, as in most places I visit I always seem
to find the strangest people possible. 


Case in point:  We had not even
left the parking lot yet.  In fact, the
car had not even been locked.  We got
“lucky” and parked next to a van full of seniors traveling from Arizona.  It was one guy and three cackling yentas. As
they got out of the car I immediately felt sorry for poor old Earl.  I am not sure how much complaining they did
in the car, but once they got out they lambasted Earl for his crappy
driving.  Earl was very manly (or deaf)
and pretty much took the high road and ignored them.  Okay, he had to have been very hard of
hearing because there was no ignoring this cackling.  I knew we’d soon be rid of them as Earl began
getting a wheelchair out of the back. 
There was no way they’d keep our pace. 
As Earl got the wheelchair out one of the ladies, who I am guessing was
his lovely bride for the past 75 or so years, started nagging him about his
sunscreen.  Earl said he did not want
any, but Edna (just guessing on that name) insisted and started spraying him as
he continued to unload the chair.  As he
was being sprayed Earl jumped up and yelled “What the hell is that?  Bees?” 
We began walking away, but Edna kept asking him if he had enough


We walked through the park and saw all the major formations including the
kissing camels.  I could just imagine
living here and being able to stroll through this park on any given day.  Of course if I lived there I’d have to work
and take care of a house and Adam and would never get there again, but I
digress.  On this particular day there
were more than a few rock climbers doing their thing.    We
stopped to watch this one girl climb and then come on back down.  It was kind of fun to watch, but not
something I’d ever want to do.  She did
one of the smaller rocks, but still would have been very painful if she had
fallen.  A little later we saw three guys
climbing a really big formation.  The
first guy had made it to the top and was attempting to yell instructions to the
guys at the bottom.  As he leaned over
the edge to shout at them I was very fearful that he would fall.  He didn’t, but it still scared me.  His first instruction was that the guys tie a
bottle of water to the rope so he could pull it up.  For the purpose of this exercise we will call
the guy at the top Shuli and the guy at the bottom Dave.  The conversation went something like


Shuli:  Dave!  Tie a bottle of water to the rope.


Dave:  What?


S: Tie a bottle of water to the rope!


D:  What?


S: Tie a bottle of water to the rope!


D:  I’m not ready to


S:  No!   Tie a
bottle of water to the rope!


D:  What?


This went on for quite a while, but Shuli did eventually get his
water.  I was sitting on a bench watching
all this and I guess the acoustics were such that the voices carried right to
me.  I was about to yell at Dave


We walked around a corner and I heard an odd sound.  I started thinking, is that a
didgeridoo?  No, it can’t be.  Why would someone be playing a didgeridoo
here on a Friday afternoon? The sound got louder and louder.  As I turned past the next big rock I saw a
creepy looking guy playing a didgeridoo. 
He actually had three more sitting on the rock next to him.  Apparently he was planning on doing that all


By the time we got finished wandering I was soaked with
sweat, but there was more to come.  We
got back in the car (Earl and his crew’s car were still there) and we headed
down to balanced rock.  Now, balanced
rock is exactly as it sounds.  A big red
rock balanced on another rock.  It sits
right over the road and if it fell over would crush a car driving by.  It sits across from Steamboat Rock which is
also quite impressive.  Again, not a lot
of people around, but those there were taking plenty of photos.  Some kids were even trying to push it over to
no avail.  I can imagine Adam trying that
and somehow he’d be the one to succeed and I’d be in trouble. 


The heat was overwhelming so we stopped by the Trading Post for a couple
of drinks.  I had a Pepsi despite the
fact that I am trying to wean myself off of soda altogether and I really do not
care for Pepsi.  I was so hot and
bothered that it was somehow delicious. 
But, once again I ran into someone from the school of the criminally
dumb.  An elderly woman we will call
Lamby, only because that is what her husband was calling her.  Kind of like Lovey Howell I guess and frankly
he did remind me a little of Thurston Howell III.


Lamby ordered herself delicious lemonade.  The fountain drinks were the kind where you
go up and fill your own and can refill as much as you can.  Well you know how those always have a thing
to press down and you just get water?  It
was on the same thing as the lemonade and I watched as Lamby filled her lemonade
cup with water.  I debated for a second
whether or not to tell her and I decided I would.  Before I could say anything she said that the
lemonade looked weak, but tasted really good. 
So after hearing that I debated some more.  Again, I decided that it would be best to
tell her so I casually mentioned that her lemonade looked like plain water and
then showed her how to dispense the lemonade. 
She said she felt silly, but thanked me for telling her.


Next we headed to the visitor’s center where I was
scheduled to meet my friend Kelly for dinner at 5:30 PM.  It was a little after 4:00 PM and I found
that the viewing area from the visitor’s center was spectacular.  Okay, the viewing area was kind of plain, but
the view was spectacular.  Ken wandered
around the museum with me for a while and eventually left about 4:45.  I still had 45 minutes to wait so I changed
into a dry shirt and then sat myself on a bench outside and just enjoyed the
view.  I did this for 45 minutes and I
seriously enjoyed myself.  The beauty of
the Gardens and Pike’s Peak in the background
overwhelmed me.  I was completely


Wow, I have been writing for while so I will stop.  Next up: 
My Dinner with Kelly.





  1. I am enjoying your vacation a lot. Will be waiting for the next installment.

  2. I am happy that you helped Lamby. When I imagine you on vacation with Adam, I envision stories from Dennis the Menace comic books.

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