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Colorado Part VI: The Wines of Colorado

Hey kids,

I must preface what turned out to be the best night of my trip
with a little background.  When I was in high school I was a band geek.  I
played the saxophone and was pretty darn good at it, but I had a lot more fun
just goofing around in marching band.  Why be serious?  In fact our entire group
of sax players were just a bunch of goofy kids just trying to have a good time. 
Our efforts to have fun were occasionally thwarted by the likes of our director,
commonly known as HB, or one of our three drum majors, Scratch, Gorilla and TK. 
Kelly was one of my partners in crime in the sax section. 

There was
this one time at band camp (sorry, no flutes involved) when we were practicing
indoors due to rain.  I forget the song, but I am sure it was one of those
typical high school marching band songs.  You know the ones.  After we finished
this one particular song Scratch applauded the efforts of the sax section and
told us we did it perfectly.  For reasons unknown I spoke up and said “of course
we did.  We’re Minute Rice”.  Scratch looked at me with a confused look and said
“Minute Rice?”  Which led me to say “yes, we are Minute Rice; perfect every
time.”  Well, the whole room erupted with laughter while Scratch shook his head
realizing now that he should have never complimented us as it had obviously went
to our heads.  I received great applause, laughter and high fives from my
cohorts and a legend was born.

Later that summer we were headed to the
1982 World’s Fair in Knoxville, KY.  All band members had been given special
World’s Fair t-shirts provided by the band boosters for our journey.  We all
went out on a rainy Sunday afternoon right before we left and had Minute Rice
printed on the back of each shirt with a number.  I guess the number was so you
could tell us apart.  I was 4, Kelly was 3.  How we determined the numbers I
have no idea.  Ultimately Minute Rice came up with a hand gesture to identify us
by and we made the yearbook.  We thought we were something else.  I graduated
that year, but Minute Rice lived on while Kelly was still in school and maybe
even for a short time after that.  However, it appears that Minute Rice died out
with students that were somehow more mature than us and possibly due to the
anger of HB.  The man did tell me I ruined his band after all.

As I sat
at the Garden waiting for the 5:30 PM arrival of Kelly I thought about all
this.  After all it had been 27 years since I last saw Kelly.  The last time I
remember seeing him was at a football game in the fall of 1983.  I heard my name
called and turned my head.  Kelly was walking up and I recognized him
instantly.  Just as he arrived and we began to talk, I got a phone call from
Adam asking me something.  I love my boy, but this was not the time. 

we got into Kelly’s car we had the obligatory chat about what is it you do now,
are you married, do you have kids, yada, yada, yada.  None of that is of
interest to you dear readers, despite the fact that it was to us.  We drove up
towards Pike’s Peak and to a restaurant called The Wines of Colorado.  Kelly had
said that there would be a noticeable difference in temperature and he was
right.  By the time we had got there the temperature had dropped at least 10 to
15 degrees from what it was down at the Garden.  I could feel the breeze coming
down from the mountain and I was happy.  Very happy. 

Kelly said that
the restaurant was very good, but not much to look at from the outside.  I
thought it was a beautiful building in a gorgeous setting.  We walked in and
were met by the hostess.  She asked us inside or outside.  Without question we
responded with outside.  After all, it was now in the 70’s with a marvelous
mountain breeze.  There was no other option.  She directed us to the back door
and we headed down some stairs where we were met by someone else.  She said that
had a great table open right by the creek.  Perfect.  A babbling brook to eat
dinner by.  This was paradise.

They make their own wines there and have
free wine tastings, but not being a fan of wine I chose not to partake.  Kelly
had two different wines with dinner (not at the same time) and he remarked later
that he preferred the first wine.  What it was I do not know.  But they have a
web site and I can tell you they were both red.  Hope that helps.  Anyway, I
chose to have lemonade (good thing Lamby was not there) and shortly after we
ordered the drinks our waitress, Brie, came over to see us.  Brie was very
attractive and was just an itty bitty baby the last time Kelly and I got
together.  How weird is that?

We both ordered the buffalo burger.  Even
though I knew that is what I wanted, I still took some time to peruse the menu. 
I was in no hurry on this night.  Let me share my thoughts on the burger.  I
thought it was very good.  If you have never had buffalo I highly recommend it
as it is very lean and quite yummy.  I will still say that the best buffalo
burger I have ever had was at Ted’s Montana Grill in Atlanta, but this one was
still very good.  It had the obligatory toppings or lettuce and tomato and
onions and such and was served with potato salad.  I like mayo on my burgers as
I feel it compliments the flavor of the meat rather than hide it like ketchup
does.  The potato salad was good as well.  The lemonade you ask?  Delicious. 
Lamby would have loved it.

Kelly and I talked for hours.  We discussed
the usual things you would expect such as “whatever happened to…” or “have you
seen or heard from…” or “did you know that such and such did that?”  But, more
than anything we reminisced about Minute Rice and all the good times we had.  We
talked about The Bozo Tapes (don’t ask), the Carrot tape (again, the less you
know the better) and the West Side Story calls (still better for you to be left
in the dark.  Trust me).  We talked about that trip to the World’s Fair, band
camp, the time that Gorilla did not show up for a band competition and all of
our friends, one of which who is no longer with us.  We laughed a lot.  I don’t
expect you, dear reader, to understand all of our reminiscing, but I am not here
to tell you about everything we discussed.  The fact that we got together and
were able to discuss is the real point. 

Brie kept coming over and made
sure we were happy, kept my lemonade filled (again, Lamby would have been so
happy) and she joked with us.  We had so much fun with her that we had our
picture taken with her.  After all, she was cute.  Brie asked if we wanted some
dessert.  I did and Kelly did as well.  Kelly asked Brie if they still had the
delicious chocolate cake.  Brie said they did and without asking he ordered two
saying that I had to try it.  Since I love chocolate and I love cake I had no
problem with this.  I did ask Brie if it had nuts and she said no so I said go
for it.  A few minutes later the cakes arrived.  I wish I had taken a picture as
the cake was a monument to cakeness.  It was beautiful.  The way the fudgy
frosting looked made my mouth instantly water.  I still can’t believe I forgot
to take a picture, but it looked so tasty that I just had to take a bite.  The
cake was pure chocolate ecstasy and has got to be the biggest fantasy of women
that read Cathy.  The cake was moist and juicy.  I know that sounds odd, but it
was.  The fudgy frosting was something Willy Wonka could only dream of. 
Fantastic cake.  My compliments to the patissier and the Garde manager. 

Before we knew it 9:00 had arrived.  Brie had gone home for the night
and left us in the care of someone else that was pleasant, but shall remain
nameless since I can’t remember her name.  It was time to go, but before we did
Kelly had a great idea.  He said we should call our old friend Rob and see if he
could guess who I was by my voice.  I was game for that, so a call to Rob was
made.  Rob knew it was Kelly calling, though they had not spoken in a while, but
Rob could not place my voice.  Funny how ones voice can change over the years,
but oddly enough Rob still sounded exactly the same.  I had last spoken to Rob
about two years earlier, but he could not place me.  So I offered him a hint by
mentioning the Bozo Tapes.  That helped him narrow it down, but not enough, so I
mentioned something about The Monkees and Rob said “oh, that has to be Lyle.” 
Rob was right on the money.  The three of us spent the next 30 minutes or so
chatting like not a day had passed since high school.  It was

Sadly, the evening came to an end when Kelly drove me home to
Ken’s house.  But, we promised each other we would not wait another 27 years to
get together again.  Kelly invited me out to visit again along with Donna and
Adam and said he knew a great place to go white water rafting.  I love rafting
and will do that in a second.  So, I will be returning with the whole family
sometime in the next few years.  I owe him dinner, so I have to go back. 

Next time kids, we’ll talk about my day at Rocky Mountain National




  1. Oh, I had forgotten about Minute Rice. Too funny. Thanks for the flash back.

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